Monday, January 31, 2011

Felucca Ride on the Nile

Our mid afternoon sail became a late afternoon sail. Because our train from the night before arrived much later than the predicted 11 hours, we had to push our lunch up to about 2:30 in the afternoon.

There was some question as to whether the wind would push us where we needed to go to the Nubian Village, but we still got to ride on the Felucca which I have to say that if we didn't I would have been disappointed. It was truly a pleasant ride on the Nile. Who knew just how beautiful the Nile River was.

You would have to see it in person to know. We were sailing around the Elephantine Islands. I was tired, believe me, but the air did us all a lot of good in preparation for our journey tomorrow to The Island of Philae (The Isis Temple). I really enjoyed everyone on the boat. The sailors got us out into the middle of the water and took out some instruments and started playing us music. Who knew, live entertainment on the Nile. It was fun. They taught us a song and we all started to sing, clap and really get into it. The continuation of spirit growing on this trip each person each day became more and more connected to one another and love began to flow from one heart to the next. It is mighty powerful to get a bunch of "lights" together and carry out a mission of love.

The one downside of this trip was we had to walk through the market where the men are trying to sell you something at every step. It has been happening right along, but this day it got to me. The men kept coming up to me and many ladies on this trip and saying. Beautiful eyes! You want an Egyptian husband? They literally follow you onto the bus. It was way too much. It kind of drove me a little batty today with little sleep...everything would drive anyone a little batty.

Oh and the funny thing is they are always trying to make a buck (literally a US Dollar is what they would like). At the end of our "live entertainment" the felucca, they were looking for tips and then when they have you out in the middle of the Nile--they pull out things for you to purchase, scarves, beads, jewelry, bags. You can shop can spend money really is that simple to spend. So if you are a shopaholic, I don't advise a trip to Egypt you will come home with no money...good for me that I am grounded in the money area and do not shop like crazy...sometimes I wonder if I am woman because I don't typically enjoy shopping too much. Yes, there are moments that I get bit by the shopping bug, but overall, I am plenty okay most of the time without shopping.

The trip on the Felucca literally ended in the middle of the Nile River when a motorboat arrived and met us there. We had to switch boats in the middle of the River...imagine that? The talent and skill of walking is a must when climbing from a sailboat onto a motorboat in the middle of the Nile--I did it! I did it! I thought to myself as I stepped down on the motorboat--aching back, legs and all. Now on our way to the Nubian Village....

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