Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back on the Ranch...

So what a full day; I don't think everything had an opportunity to sink in. We are now back at the Hotel Oasis (which was our best hotel by far now that I am back I can say that) packing for our 11 hour train ride to Aswan later tonight. I stopped in an had a bowl of lentil soup. By the way, I love lentil soup, and this really wasn't too bad with the exception of I thought to myself...where are the lentils? The soup was a deep yellow-green and no lentils my guess is that they cooked them until they were mushy. Now, I am not complaining because I really enjoyed the soup--it was just different.

All packed and we are supposed to meet in the hotel lobby for tea while we wait for the bus to arrive to take us to a group dinner at a local Restaurant on our way to the train station. Gosh, I pray the meal is good and that there are more options than bread. This is the night that we are supposed to go on the overnight train to Aswan. I was excited about sleeping on the train. I have never been on a a sleeper train before. My dad always talks about going across America on a train. He loves trains and believes it would be the most amazing sightseeing adventure and I am thinking this may be too.

Okay, as I write this in the background is music, but not like music you would want to listen to. It is a very poor, male singing voice singing Elvis songs with an Arabic accent. The only way that I recognize the song is because I have always loved Elvis--growing up I never hid that I loved Elvis. I guess now I am a closet Elvis lover. I liked his music and; therefore, often recognize his songs. I remember I was in high school and signing an Elvis song in my car and my friends laughed and said to me, "you know he is dead right?" I laughed back and said, "No he is not. He lives in my basement." I laugh, but energetically I always had a connection to Elvis. I could feel his sadness and longing for his twin. (hmmm interesting, huh? I think to myself now.)

So people are asking about dinner and the train. The bus is running late because of traffic and we are not sure we are going to have time for dinner. Be right back, ears are needed now...

Okay so here is the scoop... We are booked in first class on the train. This is not the "sleeping train with beds"; instead they are luxurious seats. We are told the seats are more comfortable and luxurious than the bus. The legs area on the seat come up and the compartment is large enough for 6 people and their luggage
to fit comfortably. Boy, I sure look forward to sleep tonight. We are heading to the restaurant for dinner.

Okay dinner for vegetarians was, yep BREAD! And potatoes and carrots in tomato sauce on top of white rice. And for dessert was an orange, that I took home for sunrise on the train just in case our breakfast box doesn't have enough for us to we wait for the train...

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