Thursday, January 20, 2011

Link between Egyptian Spa and George Bush Sr. Who Knew?

So, Carole and I meet for lunch at the hotel restaurant and have an extremely delicious meal. Had my first mango ice cream for dessert....I even took a picture of the meal hopefully, I will be able to upload the picture.

I was impressed, but there was an odd little netting thing around my lime (took a picture of that too). By the way, this is "Egyptian Salad":

So we get to the Spa and there is no one there and here we have appointments. Then a young man about in his early 20's arrives smiles nicely at us and says “5 minutes”. He comes back with “Happy New Year Guy” from earlier who greets us with Happy New Year again. He tells us that he can't do two massages as he only has one person so the appointment would have to be back to back and we both realize timing wise that wouldn't work because we have to gather at 6 p.m. to begin our adventure by meeting in circle with everyone in this workshop/tour not sure what to call it yet. So, I said would take an hour of reflexology since I love it and that would be fine for me.

Now, we figure that out and we wait. We sit and we wait. Then the young man who cannot stop smiling at us incessantly motions for us to follow him upstairs. We go upstairs and Carol is brought to one room where a woman greets her and me? I am brought to an empty room where again I wait and wait. Finally, Happy New Year comes up and says, “Only Half Hour for Reflexology” I say I paid for one hour. He says, “You only need half hour, I know. It is only your feet it doesn't need an hour.” He says this to me in a very Arabic English accent as if he knows what is best for me. I try to input that I know what reflexology is and want the hour, but he insists half hour so I finally succumb and lay down on this table. He is the one that is doing the session, what is he jack of all trades? Or did he run out of people to work so he rolled up his sleeves to jump right in with a reflexology session? It was all a little weird I thought to myself as I lay there. I think to myself, “whatever as long as I can relax for the half hour.”

Well, do you think I did? Of course not, because Happy New Year wants to tell me a story. He asked if I was American and that was a mistake because he wanted to tell me a story about George Bush Sr. He apparently loves him. He met him several years ago when Bush was visiting Egypt and his back was hurting. The Secret Service called out to order a massage for the President. appy New Year was the man they sent to do a massage on the President(who at the that time was Bush, Sr.). Apparently, they got along well and Bush fell sound asleep snoring (a thing I wanted to be doing, but instead the universe wanted me to hear Happy New Year's story). So, here I was listening to how after the massage, Bush called in security and took a picture with Happy New Year. And a couple of days later, Happy New Year received a package hand delivered to him from the President: it was the picture that had been taken. To this day Happy New Year was proud and happy to know the American President. I on the other hand was half happy because as he talked he did work on my feet, but I just wanted to relax. I did finally relax because I kept closing my eyes half because I was really tired and half because I just didn't want to engage in conversation with Happy New Year.

Finally, it was finished and he said you can wait in the sauna for your friend...tempting since the sauna would be hot because did I mention? Giza in the desert of Egypt was cold during the day and only when the sun was out shining directly upon me was I comfortable. Instead, I found it odd that I could enter a Sauna--I was so tired that I thought it best to take a walk back to my room, which as before I mentioned was a maze and walked to the wrong building, but when I got there had time to grab a hold of my journal and went to get Carol who had a mediocre massage, but at least had the full hour—though from what she said not sure which was worse Happy New Year's reflexology or her massage.

By the way, I am now back in my room getting ready for our meeting, but while I waited for Carol's massage to end. I gathered from conversations (not that I understand Arabic, but I do understand energy and such); that my reflexology was cut short not because that is “all I needed” and that Happy New Year knew what was best for me as he had conveyed, but Happy New Year had to go home. Really????

Okay...going now...more later...

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