Saturday, September 12, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Magic Happens

Welcome Home Beautiful Beings,

You are in the stretch of time where magic happens.  You are now entering a miraculous time where all dreams are possible, but you must focus, focus, focus on what it is you would like to experience going forward.  This sounds easy enough, does it not? It sounds like a simple knowing of that which you wish to experience will be granted to you.  Dear ones, you are both correct and incorrect.  Have you cleared up your karmic timelines? Have you cleared out what no longer serves you?  Have you worked on getting clear about what it is  you want as opposed to what it is you no longer want to experience?  There are numerous opportunities for your advancement as a soul. ~Galactic Federation of Light (Read: more opportunities to clear out.) 

There is another eclipse season on the horizon coming up for us now with this weekend's New Moon.  There is a part of me that wants to say get ready, get set, go--but with Mercury Retrograde appearing on short order we may not see the likes of fast moving anything until surely a few weeks after our upcoming Equinox on September 23. My guides mentioned opportunities for advancement above?  Remember eclipses bring up vast ways to release, release, release.  It is like the sandwich of energy between the eclipses will prompt you to clear out faster and really determine your new path.  This eclipse feels a little different to me in that it not only brings an influx of energy for clearing, but an influx of energy for alignment with your soul's truth. Influx of possibilities that you were not able to see until now. (read: I am so excited for these times!!)  Remember the focus on clearing from previous Energy Thoughts was so that you can bring not only what you desire, but without obstructions and karmic patterning interfering. 

Currently many humans are experiencing a rawness of heart.  Their hearts have been broken/ripped open for upgrade and clearing.   It may have felt/feels torturous as you uncover the heart that has been so closed for receiving love or the fear that has kept those walls up, but it was/is a necessary part of your journey. For if your heart is not open, you will not awaken and see the truth that is in front of you. This journey is not meant to be difficult, it is meant to be lived in wonder and traveled through smoothly--that is what all this clearing is about. We have an opportunity on our planet at this time like no other to clear karma forward and back for us, our ancestors, descendants beyond the confines of this time, space, dimension and reality.

Let's stop a moment and talk about Karma--it is not what you have been led to believe--it is not the law if you do good it will come back to you.  It is not that simple and yet it is.  Sometimes karma is taught this way because it is easier to understand from a limited 3D perspective, but we are growing beyond that, are we not?  Karma is patterns that have been carried forward from a previous time and space that directly impacts and individual.  Okay so what does that mean? There is no good or bad karma--there just is karma.  We as humans try to categorize everything as good or bad.  When you view from a higher self perspective, you will see karma is a pattern or behavior that has been carried out through a previous life experience (if you do not believe in past lives--but if you are reading this--I can't imagine that you don't. lol)  or from previous incarnations.  The pattern may very well be beneficial to you and your family line, but it also has the potential to not be. Why do I bring in the family line?  Because families create karma and pass that on within their DNA.  If so, what does that mean?  It means we need to clear for us and our family line the "karma" that we deem as impacting us negatively. 

There is so much for you to receive in this time as we are entering upon the Golden Age on earth that
has been spoken of through the galaxy.  Your earth is being crowned with magnificent light creating an energy of balance throughout the planet.  It is up to you dear ones to determine if this is right for you at this time in the choices you make.   We don't wish to frighten or startle you, but dear ones your future and the future of earth is in your hands to create. You are the creators--the little Gods on the planet who came in knowing that their light would be turned on just in time for this evolutionary period.  It will require strength and courage to face the future of what you will create together on your planet. Yes, there have been opportunities to not experience this outpouring of light from the cosmos, but the decision to go forward with the raise in humanity's vibration/consciousness was made during the Harmonic Convergence. You are now at the point in humanity's evolution where the road will begin to be smoother for you.  It is imperative that you view the world changes from the place within your higher self for it may not appear as it is smoother from your human perspective. ~Galactic Federation of Light

Expect some dramatic changes to take place globally as well as individually after the advent of the Equinox.   It appears that the last several months, the clearing of timelines has placed you personally right where you need to be. It has opened up some new global timeline potentials that weren't yet available until now. This eclipse period will help you once again narrow your timelines to those that fall within the vibrational alignment you are now in, as a result of several months of clearing/altering/transforming.  (read: sloughing off of energy that no longer serves you to raise your vibrational frequency.) It is time to harmonize your energy for what your soul wishes to create.  Try not to resist what is being cleared from you (read: taken away) ....allow it to go graciously (read: surrender) so that your world could open up more fully to your truth (read: your desires).  The desires you carry now are necessary for the "rebirth/recreation" of the planet and must be in vibrational harmony and alignment with the other "players" on the planet.  As hearts continue to bust open, the world is raw and ready for a new beginning.  Do you see yourself finding that new beginning or do you see yourself stagnating? Either way, it is happening and you are on the cusp of massive change and what the re-building of this earth will be in the future.

Expect to see your personal views expand out globally and massive opportunities for change will start pouring in around you.  Which will you take up? Which will be your mission?  You may have been riding this wave for sometime in hopes of carrying out the mission you are currently on.  Maybe your mission is now changing to a new direction /new potential--with new timeilines opening up after the Equinox, you may be pulled some where you hadn't thought of or hadn't thought possible.  How do you know what is right for you? Try it on and see how it feels...if it feels comfy and welcoming then you may have just found your new way...if you are facing resistance, struggle and frustration then perhaps it isn't the one you are meant to be on...only you will know.

The more open your heart, the less resistance, the more you live in love, the less the mind limits you.   The higher the vibration you are the lighter your energy is and the more synchronized your movement will be.  We encourage you to look within yourself for what brings you pleasure, what brings you happiness and what helps you expand yourself in love.   No one can tell you what you are meant to be doing in this new energy. (read: what makes your inner child dance/sing/laugh/play/happy?  Ask that question and you your inner child will guide you to your new direction if that is what must happen.) This transformation of human consciousness and advancement hasn't been done on your planet  in this way--there is nothing written as to how it will go forward.  Many people rely on the words of wisdom from your earth bound religions, well dear ones, that information is obsolete as we are in a different time where that information is limited in its scope of your human evolution.  (read: it no longer applies )  Get ready the world is a bout to get A LOT more exciting as you and your fellow humans gather together to take back your power as individuals.  It is your time and there is nothing but you that can stop you.~Galactic Federation of Light

We have been getting downloaded with love energy, particularly divine feminine energy over the last several years, but the last several months it has been more focused and intense than ever. It has been pelting onto the planet to create heart openings for all.  With the rawness of an open heart, everyone is ready to find their way.  That include twinflames! Yes, even the ones that seemingly look impossible--it is time!!  Notice, if you will, the friendlier hearts of people coming into your circle.  You are ready to connect with others like you and expand/explore new possibilities for this earth planet you live upon. For as long as I have had my business, I have always said that in order to create world peace--one must know and understand peace within themself.  Well the time has come for those who have been embodying the new energy, as wayshowers/guides/teachers/path pavers, to take their rightful place in a more vocal/global way and get on with the restructuring/rebalancing/recreating of what life upon earth means. The energy of a "Love Revolution" is on...are you ready for the wave of love?

With highest regard for all of humanity during these times,
EstaRa April

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©


  1. Thank you April. So ready for the wave of Love ❤❤❤

  2. Me too! I am welcoming it and opening my heart wider to receive.