Saturday, January 22, 2011

1:45 a.m. and getting ready for Giza

It is 1:45 a.m. I actually set my alarm clock for 2:22 a.m to wake to go to the Great Pyramid in Giza, but both my roomie DebRa woke early and thought what the heck might as well get up now rather than sleep and resist the waking of the alarm. So we decided to use all that "extra time" for phoning family and friends for less than 5 minutes. Did you know that even with an international plan on your cell costs something like $2.50 per minute. People don't talk too much to me already!!

So, I took a few moments to write this about preparation....I'm excited and in anticipation of exciting is this to go into the Great Pyramid by ourselves before it opens in the middle of the night...first of all I suggest you the middle of the night is what I if you told me I would be excited about getting up and going into a dark, cold stone building in the middle of the night I would be way...not happening and yet here I am..up before the birds even want to awake. I just stepped outside and the night sky is so beautiful here.

Someone last evening during our initiation circle suggested that we wear white and I am contemplating how to layer the white clothes on for a very cold Giza desert. See when I planned for this trip...our white day was for the Temple at Philae not the Great Pyramid so I don't have more than one white outfit. And guess what I brought, let me look...

ahhh yes... I have white capri pants, white leggings that were purchased last minute the morning before I left which are too big yeah me for losing more weight boo me for them looking like sweats on me, short sleeve shirt, sleeveless shirt, 3/4's length white shirt and white sweatshirt (don't know how the last two got in my bag, but someone else must have been packing because as you recall I was sick with the flu prior. Anyway, I love you whoever helped me!) So here is my amazing outfit---white leggings topped with capri pants, 3/4 white shirt, white sweatshirt and wool shawl provided by Brittney (again thank you Brittney).

Now, I pray for warm moments since I fear it will be cold, pray for a good breakfast box on the bus, please let there be something good in there..I'm hungry...oh and let me not be claustrophobic..I hear the pyramid can be intimidating for claustrophobic people...

I love how people ask you, "hey are you claustrophobic?" And, they expect an answer and actually look surprised when you respond with, "I don't know..I guess I will find out when I am put in a tiny, narrow passageway with no way out." I am recalling that memory from my first ever the way, I wasn't claustrophobic there...I could see an opening near my feet and not to mention they give you something to put over your eyes so you couldn't tell that if you breathe too deeply your chest would hit the top of the machine. hahaha

So I guess it is time to go...the bus is waiting...

Can you see the orbs? All dressed in white and ready to get dirty?

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