Friday, January 21, 2011

Lunch Anyone?

Lunch anyone? I should say, bread anyone?

On the way out of Saqqara, we had a lunch planned at the Restaurant Pharous. As we exited the bus music was playing (set up especially for the tourists), they played and danced for us as we entered into the restaurant toward our table which was outdoors. Mind you, we were all so hungry. We had eaten breakfast at 6 and it must have been 12:30 by now if not 1:00 (wasn't very good with time on this trip). And guess what they serve us right away? Yes, you guessed it--bread! Homemade fresh bread that is pita like and it is freshly made for each table and boy does it look really good. Now, I am hungry and I just get to watch everyone eat. Meanwhile, as I watch everyone eat bread, I order mint tea which is black tea with a couple of mint leaves thrown on top in a glass. Yuck!! I don't recommend you try it, but if you would like I have the recipe.

So lunch comes out and it is the most amazing falafel I have ever was fabulous. I had rice, potatoes and falafel...I know rice and potatoes are weird to have both. The funny thing is that this is the vegetarian meal I opted for and there were no vegetables.

For dessert, they handed out oranges--big, bright orange oranges that were so sweet and juicy...mmmmm.

As we walked out of the restaurant, the music started up again and they wanted a tip, of course. What we didn't notice on the way in was the oven where the woman was making the bread. It was so neat to see how she made it. They probably have made bread like this for 100's of years. The oven looked like a Chimnea...I can't imagine how hot that must be when it is warm out...remember it is cold here in the desert. I think to myself Florida is probably warmer..

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