Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cats, Garnets and Akashic Records Oh My

So as if the Orchestra of the Great Pyramid was not amazing enough, we now had the opportunity to have a private entrance at the paws of the Sphinx. And, no more climbing or crawling. Yay! When we leave the Great Pyramid, we take a bus over to the Sphinx and sun was just finishing up rising. It was so completely beautiful. We have to walk down several steps to the space between the paws. (Now on a side note, apparently what we were doing gathering together as a group in between the paws was not a practice allowed. This again was special permission and more money.)

It was an amazing "cat" with a human head. The enormity of the structure is hard to convey unless you are there. And even then, feeling the natural high after the Great Pyramid,I don't even think I was able to grasp it either. (One thing I wish was that we were able to do the Great Pyramid and Sphinx on separate days because it was so intense both experiences.)

So here we gathered together in a circle and Solara An Ra, channeled information to us about the Sphinx. Now, we were complaining on how hot it was in the Sphinx...all the clothes I unloaded early have now returned to my body to keep in the warm. I was so high on the energy and now a little achy from the slip down the last three steps of the pyramid, the last thing I wanted to do was sit on cold hard/rocks and sand, but that is exactly what I was doing. Interesting how the pleiadians (Solara's guides) give us such amazing detail and information about the places we are visiting and most of which hasn't completely corresponded to what we know in history---as if it is the partial story. Of course, I check in with my spirit and go with resonates with me and thus far the Pleiadian Information is what is resonating even if I am not entirely humanly sure what it all means. What was channelled is that underneath the Sphinx (in a completely different dimension that humans can only access if they are multidimensional) is the Hall of Records or also known as the Akashic Records. Akashic Records are the mystical name and theory of all recorded human experiences. Only accessed in another dimension not 3D. So what I mean by that is, if people decided to dig under the Sphinx to find this "hall of records" they wouldn't. It is in a different dimension that is not attainable by 3D eyes. On a side note, there is a lot that is not visible in 3D eyes--when I perform readings I am often in 4D, 5D which is why I am able to access much information. (So that you know I say often because sometimes I am in even more dimensions than that when I am reading for someone).

So this Akashic Records story brings me to and interesting thing I did several years ago. I did a very powerful meditation where I went in and placed an intention into my Akashic Records. Funny to think about it now because if you understand the Akash (another word for it) all human experiences are recorded into the records and as I am typing this the following information is coming to me: what I placed into my Akash back then was already there; however, doing so consciously invokes that energy and brings it into my human consciousness. Wow--how cool is that? Here is what I placed back in my Akash back then: "I am love. I am light. I am peace. I am healed body, mind and spirit. I find guidance on my path on this journey called life. I shine my light for all to see. I share my love for all to feel. I am one with all that is." Who knew? I was so powerful back then and yet I was meek and fearful to using my voice. I stepped into my power and I stepped out...it is sometimes uncomfortable to be in your power. If you are reading this and thinking no way, then either you have ascended fully and mastered life or you are in your ego thinking you have done it all. The truth is our power comes from the magic of self discovery and doing things that may make us uncomfortable (boy do I do a lot of those things and there are times I shy away too, but no more after this trip). We humans have such magic within us that when we discover it often it becomes clouded with ego or it becomes an issue of worthiness. I have to admit the cloud for me was worthiness. It wasn't a conscious fear of worthiness rather it is a discovery that I have just now made over the last couple years--that I am worthy by just being. Something I don't mind being reminded of. Often, my beloved twin mirrors that for me which is not only painful, but forces me to step into my power. I pray my beloved sees his worthiness too and keeps stepping in his power. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I send power to you and worthiness to you my love. Again, I digress...just in case you are wondering if I am going to keep doing that, yes, yes I probably am. I am a wordy woman and I love it! Because when I go back to read my blogs someday I will feel it and I will laugh at it. I used to be so concerned with proper writing and making sure that it was perfect that it prevented me from having fun at times. Don't get me wrong, I do think there is truly a time and place for that, but for the purpose of my blog this is definitely not the venue for perfection...it is for love, fun and enjoyment. So, I say put on your big girl and big boy underpants and trudge along with me on my journey cause I promise it will be filled with all the stuff great stories are filled with: light, laughter, tears and hope and adventure.

So here, I am sitting in the cold at the Sphinx with the wind blowing slightly each of us (33) gathered in the circle practically sitting on top of one another because you know the theory of body heat we are trying to keep warm. As we sit and talk about what the Pleiadians channelled, I start to have a flash back to another point in this life several years ago when I was hanging out with a friend who I don't really see anymore. (I was pulling in a lot of information about Melchizedek, Metatron and astrally traveling regularly back then.) He and I were sitting in my office after we did a cleansing of someone else's office space. I started to drift into another dimension and I was in a cave surrounded by sand (the color of sand that is in Egypt at the Sphinx). It was underground and there was a pulpit. (Yes, I looked up pulpit to make sure that is, in fact, what I am talking about. You have to understand being such an open channel, I get things coming through all the time that I surprise myself with the words that come out and I often second guess them...so yes I looked up pulpit.) I told my friend, "I am rushing through the halls looking for this room with pulpit." He asked me what I am looking for, "I told him I am looking for my book of life. I need it. I need it. It tells me how to live." (Wow what meaning that has for me now. It didn't back then when I channeled it years ago, but now I get it.) I then find the room, in the center of the room, there is a light pouring down onto this pulpit and there is a book, I see me flipping through the pages looking anxiously for something. Then I come out of the dimension back to 3D. This experience flushed in the day at the Sphinx. It makes me realize how profoundly amazing my journey in life has been thus far. I never really gave me much credit because those in my life at the time really didn't get the whole thing...or couldn't comprehend what I was receiving. I pushed a lot of it away because one thing I always wanted to do growing up was "fit in". I always felt different with friends, family and the like. I just wanted to "fit in". Even several years ago, when all this was happening to me, I still wanted to "fit in" (ya know the step in my power and out). I knew stepping fully into my power back then was scary...not to mention the many past lifetimes that I had been persecuted for my beliefs and for being who I was. Today, I feel like that is one piece of the puzzle I am beginning to understand...I thrive on being me. I am a beautiful, loving soul and can only be that when I am being me. So good bye to fitting in, hello to being in my power. All this magic was happening...

Then, Solara again begans to channel, but this time she connects with the power of Egypt not just the Pleaidians. She begins channeling the Goddess Sekhmet from the word Sekhem which means power and might. She is a powerful goddess in Egypt. She is depicted with the a lion head and female body. It is amazing that she came out to "play" with us. I mean play. Sekhmet's energy was mighty powerful, but very playful. She informed us if we gifted her with gold, money and jewels (those were in fact Sekhmet's suggestions) she would gift us. Mighty large bounty she wanted, I though to myself, but hey if she is willing to always gift us with courage, will power and determination then why not ask for what you want. She told us that when we visit Karnack near her statue, we could leave something for her in the sands surrounding the area. When we returned home, we can connect with the thing we left behind and access Sekhmet's powers of courage, willpower or determination any time we needed it. Immediately, I knew exactly what I was to gift to Sekhmet. I had taken only a handful of crystals with me on this trip. (It was interesting because as you know by now, I had the flu the week before and was still a little sick up to the day before I left--packing was quick and happened that morning of my flight, yes for all you OCD people...it was last minute so no double checking. I packed only the crystals that I had in my pouch that usually got carried around with me in my purse.)
In there, was my garnet crystal. I think I had been carrying that around for at the very least two years. In case you don't know, garnets are the stone assoicated with January (how apropo) and the healing properties of this crystal are life force, compassion, protection, past lives, purity and truth. It is very powerful and could be used for all the gifts that Sekhmet is willing to bless us with. What better way to trust and allow life to unfold magically than to give a very meaningful gift to Sekhmet. It is amazing how it is all coming together here in Giza. Good morning world the sun is shining, wind is blowing a chill in the air and yet somehow it is a magical time...


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