Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2:30 a.m. and wide awake

2:30 a.m. and wide awake.

So here I am wide awake. Let me pick you up to where I left you off...the car ride which in and of itself was quite the adventure. I get in the car with Mohammed. He doesn't say anything to me because Tour Guy said he will take you to the hotel. Now, no one tells me how far, how long it will take or what trauma I may incur. I get in thinking hmmm the hotel must be close by we are staying in Cairo and it is Cairo Airport that I am at. Well, it must have been an hour later that I arrived at my hotel safely unscathed surprisingly.

When I got into the car, I thought he must do this for a living and he is with the tour company so it shouldnt be so bad. I was scared for my life. I have to tell you that I make fun of NYC cab drivers because every time I take a cab, which I have to admit is far and few in between as I prefer the safety of the subway and my feet to the streets of NYC in a cab, I literally get a Chiropractic Adjustment and not necessarily in a good way as the alignment may actually be a misalign. hahaha Well that experience from now on is heaven to me. This experience driving on the highway is crazy! Thank goodness, I do not have to get behind a wheel here. They just cut over and don't look, or they drive in the middle of two lanees so yes right over the line so at any moment they can be in your lane, they drive so fast and then slam on the breaks weaving in and out of traffic. Now, this would have frightened me tremendously if i wasn't nearly eyes just kept closing I was so tired. I just know that I was thankful when the drive was over and I saw my hotel which looked beautiful, but it is nighttinme so I don't really know.

I check in and they don't know who I am. They take my passport and photocopy it to have me on record. I must say it isnt a really big deal because they use it like we use our driver's license in the states, but when you are not prepared, you are not prepared. It takes about ½ hour before I find my way to my room...that is just them finding where I needed to go. I have someone walk me to my room which is uneventful and I am grateful for, but thinking I am hungry and don't know how to get back to the hotel lobby as this place is a maze quite literally. And alll I want to do is sleep.

I arrive to the room which is empty and find that the key is attached to a card and that card has to go into a slot to get the electricity to work in the room—ingeniuous I think to myself, but what a quandry when there is only one key card to your roo..hmmm the key by the way is an actual key imagine that!

My roommate arrives...thank God for her. She has been here one day before me and can give me the scoop...a little scoop as she is like me in infancy stages of learning about Egypt. She told me that it was Thursday still, but I have to admit I am confused. I went to bed after I met her at like 7:00 and am up right now...and well am ready to go back to sleep will write more later....

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