Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finally at the Hotel in Aswan

We arrive at our new hotel by bus, feeling dirty and gross from the train the night before. So here we are sitting in the hotel lobby for a half hour now while waiting for the hotel to get our rooms ready. They greet us with this red juice which I think was pomegranate, but I am not was really good since it was the first thing I had besides water. Now when we first arrived here at the hotel, the only thing I wanted to do was pee and shower (sorry for the directness of my words, but really that is all I wanted.)

While waiting in the lobby, a bunch of us find the bathroom and we think thank goodness...three bathrooms in the ladies room! Then we quickly find out, one door doesn't even open so we can't use that bathroom, another bathroom the toilet does not flush and thank goodness there is one that works. Really? Welcome to Aswan, I hear in the back of my mind.

Finally, we make our way up to the room. I'm excited because we are told that we (the hotel is right on the Nile) We get to our room and the view is the bus that will pick us up along with construction off to the right that obstructs our view of the Nile. Oh well. I can't wait to shower, but quickly find that is it dirty (It was probably the dirtiest hotel, but found comfort in the fact that it was cleaner than the train.) I mean dirty enough for me to have to clean it before I can shower. Now mind you, after the train anything is uphill from there so I quickly clean it up the best I can because I need to shower and so does my roommie.

I finally get in the shower and it feels good to have hot water run over me and mind you after injuring my back at the pyramid my body is a little achy so the hot water feels great. But then it is time to shut off the water. Oh my God, the water won't shut off and the worst part is the hot water wouldn't shut off. It was scalding, but so was the handle to shut it off. I can't get it to turn off and my hands are wet and slippery so I reach for the towel which by the way is the size of a handkerchief. I cover my front parts and yell out the door to DebRa and ask her to come help. She burns her hand on the faucet to rescue me from the hot water that doesn't shut off. (Just a thought on the side...what is it with me and showers I turn on the shower--The shower hose thing that is supposed to be one of those massage type of shower hoses, I turn the water on and the hose jumps off the wall and promptly floods my bathroom. I call the front desk to ask for more towels to be sent to my room and housekeeping comes to my room with toilet paper. I have to motion with hands and body that I need a bath towel. Yes he finally understands and brings me more. Now this hotel, the water won't stop and we can't even call the front desk because the phone in our room doesn't have any information as to how to call out and it is regular phone you would find at home. hmmm)

Oh what a nightmare, wake me I just back on the "nasty train" dreaming? (That would mean I was able to sleep on the nasty train. And the funny thing is that I think this would all be worse if I had gotten some sleep and thought more clearly. Anyway, I don't have time to fuss we only had an 1 1/2 hours to get back downstairs to the lobby for our bus to the Felucca Boat Ride down the Nile. Which, I really want to do and really don't want to do at the same time. Okay heading down....will write more later.

When we got to the lobby we had to wait some more....really? I could have taken longer in the icky room....


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