Saturday, September 10, 2016

Energy Thoughts: So Much Magnifcence, Divine Awakenings

Greetings Beloved Ones of the Light,

I want to share with you some interesting experiences over the last few days…

I know many of you know that I have been under the weather the last couple of weeks and it has truly interfered with my life and interrupted my appointments. I apologize to those of you who I've had to cancel and reschedule. I know there are a few of you that I still need to reschedule and I'm hoping to touch base with you soon to reschedule. I woke up this morning feeling better than I have.  Amazing really, but there have been a lot of things leading up to this and I know it is not fully complete yet. 

Thursday, I woke up really sick again, but felt so completely out of sorts too! I didn’t understand why and I could not ground or anchor into the earth. (For those of you who do not know—Grounding is the conscious connecting and anchoring into the core crystalline energy of earth.)  I have learned over the years the reason this happens is often due to something happening to our earth and it is an energetic sign.  (sidenote: woohoo I am feeling earth's subtle energies more heightened now--must be that I am recovering from car accident more fully soon I will be able to understand more quickly what happens again.) I've been so in tune with the earth over the years that I have been on my journey that I always knew when something was going to happen—I felt it and I was often out of body because of it. My most memorable experience was the Tsunami in March 2011.  I channeled five days earlier that it was going to happen. I was just guided to look up the date and it was 3/11/2011—it was  9 date.  This has significance because if you know numerologically it means completion, release, global consciousness and transcendence to name a few.   That is what happened if you recall—many had left the planet, the earth released massive build up of energy, we as a global community came together and became more aware of our global existence and for many of us we spiritually transcended from one vibration to another higher vibration. This brings to the time we are in a 999 Gateway. But I digress, first, we need to go back to the energy of me not being anchored or my inability to stay grounded—those who know me I teach this all the time—and am most grounded, but I could not maintain the grounding. I would send my cord down and then up it would come up a  few seconds to minutes later. I felt anxious, all over the place, and well, that is not my normal and not even a second close to normal for me.  As you may or may not know—I don’t watch TV and I wasn’t on social media since I didn't feel well; so I texted my friend who I call my Weather/Earthquake Contact, she is on top of those things, and asked her to look into it.  On Friday, she let me know that there was Nuclear Testing of a high magnitude in North Korea on Friday North Korea time which would be Thursday US EST.  WOW!! Yes, I was feeling this powerful, destructive energy and a part of me didn’t want to stay connected to the earth—it explains why I couldn’t anchor.  I know it sounds like we shouldn’t want to be grounded, especially if it means we feel this kind of pain and become so ungrounded, but we are one with Gaia (Earth’s Spirit Name), and we are directly impacted by anything and everything that happens to her.  So my not being grounded is an alert of sorts, maybe even a radar, that something terrible is happening or about to happen.  On the surface many people in our society try to not experience or feel their sensitivity, some even hold disdain for it; but as my guides have channeled numerous times, our sensitivity is a gift.  This is a message for all of you to honor and respect your sensitivity and to really get grounded so you can comprehend more of what is happening in the world in and around you.  Unfortunately, we live in a society where many people are numb and shut down from feeling so much that the subtle sensitivities tend to be lost. Instead, we have a society experiencing extremes.  For example: a good old fashion cops and robbers TV show was just that.  Now, it is graphic violence and little to not good acting. (Yes, I am generalizing, but you get the point.)   Back to Thursday and what I really wanted to share about.  Finally by the end of the day  I was able to ground in time for what I was going to do.

I had made plans to go see a concert of Deva Premal and Miten.  I attended their concert on Thursday night while still not feeling well after a week of being off and feeling yucky. Going to one of their concerts is  beyond a musical session, it is a spiritual experience--at least it was for me the first time I saw them. I remember distinctly feeling a deep connection to them—and recognizing their twinflame love.  They may not use those words or present themselves in that way, but they energetically present themselves as twinflames—it is truly a visible embodiment of twinflame love.  It enveloped me with the energy of union and love that was so immense that it broke through the fog I had when I went that first time.  (I had a concussion, severe physical body impairments etc—enough said)    Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to attend this experience—it was in NYC. (hence why I was so concerned about not being able to be grounded.)   Their concert proved to be another healing experience with their music; one I wish to share with all of you.

Some of you may or may not know my Twinflame Work, but I have been on this journey for a long time  now.  I do a lot of work with balancing out the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies within me, outside of me, and for other Twinflames  across all timelines, spaces, dimension and realities as well.   This portion of my work has taken center stage in recent months and will continue to do so, until full physical union with my twinflame and even beyond. =)

Those of you who were with me in Sedona back in 2011, may remember my deep emotional healing of my Divine Feminine and the Divine Feminine throughout all timelines and spaces at our Medicine Wheel. It took me a long time to realize what had truly transpired there—I cried, I cried a lot. I saw so many images of women in chains, bondage, suffering, being persecuted and so on.  I experience the pain of being a female here on earth throughout all times and spaces, but then as the weekend progressed I felt so much love from the Divine Masculine that I truly spent most of my time with male friends that I had just recently met on this trip. They began the process of healing wounds I had with the Divine Masculine.  One experience in particular that I had was about trusting men.  I was hiking with my two new found friends, I could not make up this steep rock and I had to continue on the trail because there was nowhere to go. I looked behind me and it was a really big drop.  I literally had to trust a man to pull me up with just his strength.  He said to me, “Trust me, EstaRa. I got you.”  As I type this I realize how profound that really is.  “Trust a man to pull me up with just his strength?"   I don’t know about all of you—but if I am completely honest I had never trusted a man to use his strength to “pull me up” before.  For those of you not clear on that—I mean, really trust a man to be strong on his own and to be there for me or be able to help me without assistance from me other than to trust him.  Heck, I never I felt that any man had  “got me”.   Isn’t that interesting ?  I feel this is a very important theme for twinflames—TRUST.  That kicked off a whole lot of healing in my me ---and guess what next healing thing came out of that Worthiness?  How you ask?  You have to explore what is behind that.  Am I worthy to have someone I can trust?  Am I worthy to have a man I can trust?  What man harmed me and made think I could not trust him?  What did the man do that made me think I could not trust him?  Abandonment?  My father left me (well that is how a child feels when a parent leaves), he didn’t leave me—he left my mother.  But he didn’t always show up for me which led me to believe that he left me and I was not worthy of his love.  Isn’t that crazy how there really is a trail and it leads us right back to where that comes from ?  Well—it didn’t/doesn’t stop there—then the question became “why does everyone leave me?”  This led to my first experience with the death of my grandmother when I was nine years old.  All of this led me on the journey to working/healing my sacral chakra—and guess what? It gets healed and cleared in layers—you don’t think I worked on the death of my grandmother?  Of course, I had—but I hadn’t worked on it from the perspective of her “abandoning me”.  It started a belief in me that everyone who loves me will leave me.  All of this from that one experience hiking on a mountain with a  male friend, you ask?  YES!  My guides say:  Yes, Beautiful ones, this is how healing works!        This is why I love what I do and why I think my clients love what I do—I am able to jump to the point of origin that the client is ready to deal with their stuff at. We are layered with experiences both this life and previous lives; therefore, our healing happens in that way.    My reaction to this experience was beyond what I could imagine—powerful beyond words and created lasting significance in my life.  (a sidenote: I always used to date men that would "love me" and "leave me" telling me I was too good to be true.  yes I am that amazing The truth is I was subconsciously selecting men that would recreate the pattern of feeling abandoned until I learned that is what it was. Well, I did some work on that and started dating a better caliber of men, if you will.  Then I met my twinflame, who kind of pulled the same thing --love me and leave me--the difference is he keeps coming back. read on there is more!)

The other evening, I had a similar experience.....Miten began singing this song, So Much Magnificence, that I have placed the link below for you to listen to.

It is a well known song of Miten’s, so we all joined in and sang it with him. If you have never been to one of their concerts—the whole thing is interactive with the audience joining in with chanting.  After a few verses, Miten asked for only the Men's voices to join in.  He explained that this song is in representation of honoring the Vast Divine Feminine Energy on the welcome her, honor her and love her.  He explained it was the job of the Divine Masculine to hold that space for  the Divine Feminine which was represented as the ocean in this song.   I felt waves of love coming from all directions, including my twinflame who was not physically present.  It was so powerful that I truly felt a healing of the Divine Feminine occurring once again as I had in Sedona. I really believe the healing that happened on Thursday night was beyond what most people could feel/sense including Miten.   I cried the whole time because I could feel the hearts of all Masculine Energies opening and breaking open to feel their Divine Feminine inside them and to feel their truth.  The barriers between the Masculine and Feminine began coming down.  I felt the energy penetrating through my very being, every layer of my energy and every cell in my body. I felt the blocks in my heart and my throat being exposed.  Yes, I felt blocks that I didn't recognize as still being there--remember it is all layers!   I cried knowing I had more work to do, but knowing I was ready to do it and this helped me to recognize where in me I wasn't allowing love to come in.  All the back and forth--I love you, no I don't that my twinflame has put me through has me afraid of really TRUSTING HIM to not hurt me again. So my defense is to only allow partial love to come through, thereby closing down my heart somewhat; and no this is not a conscious thing that is happening, but I can recognize it consciously.  Once you ask for healing (attending this love fest of energy at the concert), you give permission to spirit to show you where you need to heal so I saw another source of not trusting him. I recognized that all these years that I've known my twin; I've only see him my twin so few times over the years that I have known him; and yes, I've spoken to him over thousands of hours on the phone, through email and etherically, but have physically in person not so much.  I felt the fear I needed to release was about being afraid for him to see, know and experience the full me--the human person that he doesn't know anything about --the day to day stuff--when you are not in someone's physical presence what they don't see they don't know.   Now, if I don't work through this to clear it, then I make room for the dark to interfere and amp up the energies to make them unbearable. So believe me I will be working on this now!!   The heart opening/breaking open from this song and event, really from the love I was feeling, was something I've not felt or sensed since the 11-11-11 Gateway in Sedona.  The unfortunate thing with Thursday and being in New York, people were just ready to get up and go about their evening and leave when I really felt we should have just stayed and basked in the love some more.  Instead people clapped and it broke up the energy.  (side note: There is nothing more attractive energetically than a man who is spiritually attuned and willing to participate in heart opening energy.)

I put the youtube video above for you to listen to and may I suggest actively connecting with the song, perhaps in a way that you hadn't even if you heard it before?  As the Divine Feminine on the planet at this time, I want you to close your eyes and imagine that every Divine Masculine you have experienced anything with, from the moment you entered the earth to this point in your life, is honoring you and loving you from the deepest part of their soul—the true essence of who they are not the human ego/exterior, but the true essence. I know this is a difficult one for those of us who have been through tremendous pain and abuse with regard to men, but I encourage you to try.  At the very least you will discover what blocks you still have to receiving love and allowing it in. 

And to those of you who are the Divine Masculine, I encourage you to listen to this video and allow yourself to feel your heart open to the Divine Feminine in your life.  I want you to close your eyes and imagine that every Divine Feminine you have experienced anything with, from the moment you entered the earth to this point in your life, being in front of you, honor them and love them from the deepest part of your soul—the true essence of who they are not the human ego/exterior, but the true essence. I know this is a difficult one for those of us who have been through tremendous pain and abuse with regard to women, but I encourage you to try.  At the very least you will discover what blocks you still have to giving love and allowing love in.

The changes we are all undergoing at this time is a restructuring of sorts.  We have begun recently to embody the new changes we have made, the new epiphanies we have received and the new perspective from our soul's truth.  Just because it is here and we are embodying it, doesn't mean there are not adjustments.  Just like when you buy some new clothes--not often do you buy something that fits perfectly--there usually is an adjustment or two that needs to be done.  Use this 999 Gateway to release these blocks that are showing themselves to you because they are and they will.  We have three opportunities to clear this month: September 9, 2016 = 999, September 18, 2016 = 999 and September 27, 2016 =999.  Now, when I channeled recently how important the 999 Gateway was this month I had forgotten about September 18th and referred only to the other two--perhaps we only need two gateways within which to clear the way for us? 

I'd love to talk more about the 999 Gateway, but I would like to get this out to all of you as soon as possible so you can get started on heart opening work...we need to be ready to receive--As Rumi said: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

This is for everyone of us on the planet, no matter where you are on your journey to ascension.  I believe the Divine Masculine is awakening and the Divine Feminine needs to prepare to receive...IT IS TIME.



  1. <3 Thank you! Great song as well. This weekend has been rough for me right after the 999. Seems like we got a couple more to go then hopefully things will simmer down a bit. Whew!

    1. Jovan, It truly kicked up so much for me in the physical realm--impeding my communications by causing issues with my computer and internet, but it made way for me to clear out stuff that needs to go. It did and I am still clearing. Hope it got better for you.

  2. I swear I did not mean to post that previous comment at 9:11pm on 9/11! And I thought my syncs had stopped - guess not! :)