Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Egypt 1.6.11

So here I sit at JFK airport looking to get internet access, but apparently you have to pay for it here, I have to say that it truly has been an adventure aready. My day starting out packing and getting really excited about the upcoming adventure and it is finishing at the airport sitting with my Chai Tea Latte—half skim, half soy—thanks Victoria for teaching me this combo.

I sit and reflect upon my day. It has been very emotional. I woke rather early and wondered how was it that I still had so much to pack and still have shopping to do before I lea ve. It is all so surreal. I am packing for Egypt I thought—how truly incredible is that? Last year at this time I was home sick and trying to figure out why..I would never believe you if you told me I would be making this journey.

As I packed this morning, I thought about the last couple weeks and I have felt so loved by all my friends and family. I feel like I am basking in the love. Thank you everyone. It means so much to me and found myself having tear of happiness. I went through so many emotions this morning—almost as if I was recapping the last year of great changes through my emotions. One of the most painful is that I am not in contact with my twinflame and I miss him terribly and it is only exacerbated at this present moment due to the fact that as I type this I sit about 15-20 minutes from him and he doesnt even know it; on a human level that is..

When I got on the road, I felt so many different waves of emotions: happiness, sadness, love, fear, hope and excitement. (Honestly, I am sure there were more. Tears started to come and felt like a sappy mess. The tears represented so many things. I mean it is not everyday that one goes to Egypt—it is a dream come true for me. I also felt tears as I said good bye to the people I love. I said good bye to old memories and hello to new manifestations of the future.

While I fee this trip will prove to be mighty powerful, there is so much releasing, The musings I do know about this trip are that I haven't a clue as to what is in store for me and I will likely come back a changed person. I don't know exactly what that all means I just know it is really happening and things just may look a little different for me.

As I drove, I asked my beloved twin to give me a sign on my drive. I have not humanly talked to him recently and I wanted to hear from him and as I asked that I knew he couldn't call me not just yet that is, but I also knew he could give me an incredible sign and he did! I made my way up to New York and found a rainbow shining down clear as day for me and it was there the entire trip to New York I took that as a message that he loves me and heard me and of course that my trip to Egypt would be blessed. That was the first sign, but the second sign came with a song I heard on the radio for the first time in months, but three times this day and it was just being played now at the airport...”I NEED YOU NOW”.

By the way, JFK is insane. So many people, my ride to the airport brought me to a terminal and I went in to ask if this is where my flight was going out of and welll...that was quite the event as an ambulance pulled up behind me and my driver was told to get out of the way. Not to mention that everyone at JFK in that particular terminal must have been pms'ing or wait, is that just the NY attitude? Perhaps, people are right I am sweet and too nice...right “L”? So I said to my twinsoul, you frequent this airport, help me!! Just in that instant a guy said, can I help you ? Are you flying out tonight? He instructed me that I was in the wrong terminal and gave me all different possibilities on how to get to the correct one and was extremely helpful. I just found that area to be extremely crazy; it was overloaded with people. So we drove to the appropriate terminal and after that last trip to the wrong terminal, I was prepared for chaos and clamor; instead, I got out and it was smooth and organized. There was a check in port and the guy checked me and inform I had room in my baggage to add more if need be. Then I walked through security like nothing. Amazing right? It is...and now I wait...I wait to board the plane and just took a peak in my area and wow there must be nearly 80 to 100 people going to Cairo with me, surely there has to be someone nice?

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