Sunday, January 23, 2011

Off the Bus and Entering the Pyramid

So, here we are on the bus. We got our breakfast box and guess what the majority of food is? Yep, bread. But there is a banana and a yogurt so I have something more than bread.

The world seems a little different this early in the morning or is it because it is after the initiation. Last night after our group, Sopdet Ra a fellow lightworker and friend on this journey came up to me and said my name was missing something. She was given my name by her guides: Ra'chel Ra. So from this day forward that is my name. When I lay in bed last night, I felt downloads of information being loaded into my third eye. It was truly amazing really.

So we get off the bus, and the cold air of the morning greets us. You can see your breath and we gather up all our warm clothes as you can see in this picture I was covered from head to toe with additional blanket in hand.
The shock and horror on my face of, what? It is morning? I have to go in there? How much climbing? Crouching too? How narrow?

At the entrance, Kasey helped to purify us at the entrance with a quick sprinkle of salt and water on our way in. See the entrance is a little intimidating.
As we start walking through we quickly begin to have to duck our heads and we start climbing what appears to be skinny wood planks attached to a vertical stone wall we are climbing. I begin to think....hmmm haven't worked out in a month with being sick prior to leaving--this is gonna be a workout.

I continue walking with my head down as it had to be facing the steps. I will admit, it is a bit claustrophobic feeling in addition to the fact that it begins to get warmer in there. The one thing we failed to think about was that we were climbing inside a stone building above ground with very little air circulating so it is rather stuffy in there. We were instructed to breathe in with one step and breathe out with the next as that would help us to overcome any not so good feelings. I focused on my breath and my feet and couldn't wait to arrive in the Queen's Chamber where we were gathering first. Mind you, people in front of me and people behind me so there was no way out. Just a picture for your mind to grasp what I am the way the pictures are provided by me and the rest of my fellow beautiful angelic light beings on this journey. So thank you to each and every one of you.

Pheww...we are finished and in the Queen's Chamber--it is so hot in here...yes we are the same people who were complaining that it was so cold just a little bit ago.

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