Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lightworkers for Bernie Sanders

Hello Everyone,

I know politics is not something that many of us like to talk about nor do we like to open that can of worms,
but I feel it is time to talk now!   On the planet at this time, we have an opportunity to really challenge the system, create lasting change and live the dream of unity, but how do we do it?  I have been getting the message for years now to gather together as the light that we are.  There has never been the right time and now my dear friends, the time has come to unify.

As some of you may be aware, I have a background working in state level politics.  Here is a quick synopsis of my life: When I was 17 I had proclaimed that I wanted to be an Ambassador to the Middle East because even back then I remember I wanted to save the world--I  never understood  why people were fighting over religion/differences,etc.  I started my Political Science degree wanting to focus upon foreign affairs, but I decided that I didn't know enough about our own government and turned my focus on the American  Political System and worked in it for several years.  When I learned Energy Healing in 2000, it changed my life so dramatically that I stepped completely away from politics, mainstream media  and anything that really reminded me of that human existence I was living.  It was a necessary at the time for my expansion and growth into the Intuitive, Healer, Teacher and Guide that I am.  But now, I am feeling the call to get involved again.

My highest self is prompting me to share my thoughts with you. There is this belief that goes on in the new age/lightworking community that you must focus solely on the positive and avoid/ignore the dark or negative and you will be fine.  I remember that for a long time I really bought into this notion as well. I even tried to ignore the clear signs/messages I was getting from spirit as I raised my vibration higher and higher. It is clear that it can no longer be ignored.  I also removed myself from politics because that style of living was toxic to me, as an empath. I didn't really pay any attention to government for a long time after because I was going to "immerse myself into the "light" was what I told myself and it suited me better.  I presume many lightworkers had/have the same feeling as well.    Now that is fine and dandy if we are living in a bubble; and we have no need to exist in the Third Dimensional Reality that is currently in existence on our planet. Unfortunately/fortunately as it may be, we are here residing in 3D bound by whatever government rules we are living under and that my dear light being friends is the reason we need to stand together now to create a Love Revolution!  As a lightworker (light-being, healer, teacher, spiritual guide,etc), it is our mission and responsibility to help this planet evolve.  Evolution must come.

As an American, I am realizing that on so many levels this Presidential Election is so important and more particularly to Lightworkers.  It is making way for the Love Revolution I've been wanting to create since 2011. As a lightworker/human/American, I believe everyone should have the right to food, shelter, healthcare, education and the focus of our government should be for the people not big business/corporate agendas/greed.  We are so out of balance in this country that I am overwhelmed by the work that has to be done.  And yet, with the help of all of us coming together to create change, we can make it happen. There is no way you can define yourself as a lightworker and not vote for Bernie Sanders--he stands for unity and everything we as lightworkers claim we believe in. And, to those of you who planning to vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman, shame on you.  Look, I would love to see a woman run for President and get elected--but she has not proven to me that she is the one!  The powers that be in political office are probably thinking let's give them (the people struggling/suffering/enslaved by the system) a woman president and that will pacify them for a little while longer.  Let's stand up and say no!  It is time for humanity, more particularly, Americans to do what is right and just for all, not just a few!  If you are a lightworker reading this and you think that you are above this and you think it is all corrupt, then propose to me how you can create the massive amount of change that we need on this planet, particularly here in America because we are still bound by the day to day living in this country with respect to banking, licenses, exposure to gmo's, toxins, vaccines, chemtrails,etc.  Think about it, even sustainability is not a total freedom in this country.  Therefore, things need to change!  I hear many lightworkers proclaim that it is politics as usual, but dear ones, if you believe that, then how can you possibly believe in the magic of our time and of the power of the light?   We are all here on a mission and that is to evolve humanity's consciousness.  I remember back when I started this path and was growing my light quotient I believed that I didn't have to get stuck in this world and yet, my guides constantly reminded me that I am here on this planet for a reason, in a physical body for a reason and as such I would do my best work by working with the people here.  We, as lightworkers, claim we want change, but who/what are we waiting for?  We are the ones who have to make the change.  Let's stand together in our power as the light being that we are.

Here in America, we need to talk politics, we need to be aware and we need to be loud and clear about what it is we want to happen.   I've been calling for a Love Revolution for sometime now---are you on board?  What do you want to see change?

This is your country, your world, your life....join me now in aligning with Bernie Sanders at my Facebook Community Page called: Lightworkers for Bernie Sanders.  Or you can join our Facebook Group: LightworkersforBernieThis is the first step now and let's try and create a momentum together.  The community is just beginning---let's grow it!

In love, honor and respect,
EstaRa April


  1. Thank YOU so much for saying this! I could not agree more!

  2. i searched and you were there! i don't do Facebook but if you do emails mine is spread the bern! believe our politicians can have integrity! it's a new paradigm to play in! AND Bernie could still get the nomination so hold the light! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts!! I do believe Bernie could still win! I will be happy to email you offline. Love to hear more of your thoughts!