Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 76: Everyday is April

The month of April is here. I gave me a weekend off from writing my blog. I gave me some time to digest the many calls I have been receiving from my twinflame. Secretly, I love his calls and hang ups even if it is a little annoying and a little torturous at times, but it helps me to know that he thinks of me, misses me and loves me as I do him. If he can't say it with words, I know his heart says when he does that. It gladdens my heart and makes me smile knowing that he is thinking of me, even if he doesn't feel free enough to speak...I hope does one day soon.

Yesterday was the first day of April. I can't believe it is April. Time has flown since January even faster than it has and wow we are already in April. I like the speed with which time is moving faster because it means the faster the time goes, the quicker I will be with my twinflame. Phew...bring it on...

Now back to the fact that this month is twin must be slammed with my could he not ? He lives by calendars and my name is all over them. He must be going crazy...I know I would be if I were him. There is a small bit of pleasure I take in knowing that everywhere he turns this month, my name is being spoken, presented, writing, thought of simply because it is my month. Thanks mom and dad for my name. Hmmm...I wonder if one of the very real reasons I was named April was so that in this point in our journey my name would be needed to tip the scale so that my twin would be faced with my name at a very critical point: the time of reunion. If the reunions are necessary this year, then the time is right and my name is needed. lol Of course, I get a little taste of it (well, a lot a taste of it) I don't watch television much; but in the last few months the few things I watched on inevitably had commercials with his name...okay so every commercial I saw had his name in it; his name was said over and over. Now mind you, his name is not that common today, but apparently it is for commercials. Or the universe just showed me the same commercials over and over. hahaha

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