Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inspirational Snippet: Robin Williams

Good Morning Everyone.

Yesterday was such a hectic day for me that I had a few minutes to open up Facebook last night and saw Robin Williams is dead.  It is presumed that he committed suicide.  This incredible man was one of the most well known comedians and actors of our time. I mean his name conjures up memories across generations of movies (that I’ve seen, that many of us, if not all have seen): Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage, Patch Adams to name a few.   He had such a profound impact on our movie experiences that many people can remember exactly what performance he made that touched them the most.  I saw a couple of articles that talked about him having bi-polar, being really depressed, having severe loneliness and suffering from his addictions as if it is understandable.   As if, those things are  acceptable circumstances when contemplating ending your life.   

It got me to thinking about how far off we have gone as humans.  It is not acceptable that someone commits suicide nor is it acceptable that on a planet with over 7 billion people, that someone is lonely.  We as humanity have lost our way.  We rely on external input from others to determine who we are, what we think and how we should feel.  Of course, the extreme being in Hollywood.  With all the pretense that goes on in our world, it doesn't surprise me that people feel inadequate, lonely, insecure, depressed.  But if you think the pretense is left only to Hollywood, you are sadly mistaken. It is one of the underlying reasons that  so many people suffer in our world.  When people think of pretense, often it is associated with people pretending to be someone they are not, but  it goes beyond that.  It includes holding back your feelings, your truth, in fear of what people may think of you.  For example, when people pretend to be happy in a relationship/marriage/partnership for the sake of those around them or their fear of failing. Meanwhile, they hold in their pain for private moments, alone in quiet, of which, they don’t often give themselves.  

Look at the world you live in every day. Look around at your friends, family, peers, co-workers and your community.  Do you feel judged by them?  Do you judge?  Do you ask for help when help is needed?   Does anyone offer help to you?  Robin Williams, I presume was facing many challenges in his life, not unlike any other human on this planet.  However, the difference is that he had the added pain of a public arena for his problems to be displayed upon, and where the spotlight was more focused upon his inadequacies. 

Media in your world is not evil or negative. It is your creation, dear ones.  In essence, it means it is what each of you is projecting collectively thereby creating it in your reality.  Can it be changed?  Yes, dear ones, it can be changed when you are ready to see that you have the power to change what you are projecting. Then you will empower yourselves to choose to create a different kind of media.  One that focuses on love and empowerment rather than one that focuses upon fear and struggle.—The Masters of Light

My feeling is that Robin Williams’ death is meant to be meaningful, in that, his death is to teach us to live differently and to see what is not working in our current world.  It is time that we rely on our feelings to determine who we are, what we think and how we should feel about something.  Put simply, it means if you are feeling fulfilled and joyful then you are on the right path, but if you are feeling anything but, then it is time to alter your direction.  It doesn’t matter what other people think or feel about your choices. It matters most what you think or feel, but to get there means you need to let go of what is expected of you, and pave your own path, ask for help when it is needed and most of all, allow yourself to receive it.

Your truth is what is needed, and your willingness to feel your way to happiness. 

My wish for you is to know you are safe and you are loved!  There is no need to feel lonely, depressed, afraid or insecure when we are feeling safe and loved.  Help yourself  and someone else today to feel safe and loved!  Think about what it would be to make you feel that way and gift yourself with that and then gift it to someone else too!

In love,


  1. You sound very judgmental.

  2. Dear Anonymous, It is unfortunate that you see it that way. The intention with which this was written was for empowerment and self love. However, each person has their own opinion. Blessings.