Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Energy Thoughts: Through Frequency, Thought and Vibration.

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year!  It is 2017 and we are on the brink of new beginnings.  I say brink because we are still in the same energy we have been in --clearing, removing and shifting.  It has been sometime since I have written an Energy Update and provided my thoughts to everyone. I have been undergoing tremendous change and transformation.  I know, I know some of you are thinking, "who hasn't?"  

In case you haven't noticed much from me other than the basics to keep me afloat that is because I have been in deep transformation. The last few years have been intensive focus on healing my physical body from the injuries of the car accident of 2013.  I have been on a bit of a hiatus since just before Thanksgiving and I have been busy so to speak:  I have been infusing myself with light, upgrading my DNA and activating  light codes.   It has been not only a trying time, physically, mentally and emotionally, but has been giant leaps into spiritual advancement for me. I thought I was a powerful, kickass spiritual warrior before; well I say to you 2017--look out cause here I come.  My journey has always been so full of healing, evolving, transforming that I didn't always recognize it, it just was; but in the last three months so much has transpired internally for me that I can't wait to share with all of you.  Which brings me to what is happening on Planet Earth at this time.

I have not made a large presence through email or social media because of my hibernation mode which is coming to an end quickly. Last week something finally shifted in me, but I have felt the push of closure! The push to clear/clean/remove/close things.  Five bags of recyclables, three bags of trash and two bags of items to donate.  This is symbolic of the final purging of all that surfaced in 2016 as Mercury has gone direct on on January 8th. (And yes I know, we are still in the shadow period over the next few weeks.)  2016 was a year of many ups and downs and massive planetary upheaval which paved the way for great transformation.  If you were on board with change, spirit made it  possible in a speed bumps ahead kind of way and if you weren't on board, then you may experienced more of the
dramatic roller coaster ups and downs; either way you changed!  Give yourself a pat on your back---it was hard work (read: it still is with the exception it is gonna be a little more smooth if you paid your dues of clearing/releasing/closing chapters.)  If you remember 2016 was a nine year, the perfect time for closings and endings.  The first few months of this year is/will be offering similar opportunities for closure with an overlapping energy of new beginnings, directions and openings.  This first three months will provide ample opportunity for you select the next direction.   The purge is still on.

You are entering a time of no time.  You are entering a time of no thing or nothing.  In this space is where you will have the power to create magic and love. It is a space where nothing exists and everything exists.  This is the place of true power.~~Arcturian Masters of Light

My guides have been providing me with a great deal of information on just being.  They told me, us back in September to focus on ourselves--we are the priority.  They told us again in October and finally in November I started to really heed their warning.  Of course, it was a clear nudge to do so--no disputing that.   Why was that?  I asked them to clarify.  
Dear one, we ask you to make you a priority first and foremost always.  For during this time upon the planet of vast change and transformation it is imperative that one must find balance and inner peace and remain there.  Your task as a human light being at this time is to create the new earth. We have given you information about your upgraded light embodiment over the last human earth year and we asked you to begin to work with that frequency and stay in the focus of keeping you in balance despite where the energy externally may be going. This was to ensure you could ride the coming waves of energy that are affecting your planet at this time and act from love.  The energy waves will ripple throughout humanity in the coming weeks and months for change is imminent.  Some of you are ready to experience great change and others are on the brink.~~Arcturian Masters of Light
For the last week of 2016 and the first weeks of 2017, I have felt we are in the stage of breathing that when you inhale, that moment just before you exhale. Do you know what I am talking about? That moment where you've inhaled as much as you can and you pause just before releasing. So in essence, we are in the pause.  We are not yet ready to exhale, but that is the next move that we are about to make. And exhale we will, but what will be the exhale?   That is just it--we don't know and yet we know it is exactly what we have been cultivating the last few months of 2016.  (read: for many of us we have been cultivating this exhale for a long time.)    There are doors to timelines that have been closing down for several months last year and into this year.  But there are also new timelines opening up that were not there before and new ones are added every day.  We are creators and yet we forget to create; at least consciously create that is.  

It is with every thought, feeling and intention that you choose your path forward.  The time for practicing is nearing its end, dear ones, it is time for you to take action on the things you most value and love. The time is now to create from love.  If you are focused on fear, then you will bring more fear, if you are focused on drama, you will bring more drama, if you focus on peace, you will bring more peace, if you focus on love you will bring more love.  This is how you create in this energy.  Dear ones, you have the tools accessible to you at all times, we encourage you to use them wisely. ~Arcturian Masters of Light

This reminds me of a message I channeled last fall where I felt that our creation energy needs to be brought into focus and away from the scattered energy around us.  One of the most important things that we need to understand is that if we are surrounded by people,places and things that are scattered, out of balance or even out of alignment with us; it helps to remember that it does still affect us--to some degree we are absorbing that energy too and it can influence us. Our energetic fields are interconnected with one another in any given moment and we will take on their energy if we are not protected. (read: safely tucked away into our sanctuary of peace, love and balance--that we have created in our  heart energy.)  Now as I type this, I am feeling it important to clarify a few things.  First, heart energy is not emotional heart energy--not the feeling of being in love, but it is recognizing we are love and love is a state of being that can't be taken away nor is it a state dependent upon another.   Second,  we as humans tend to create haphazardly without focus and often from a place of lack or fear. We often wonder why we end up with what we do.  We do not necessarily realize that we do this, but let's take an extreme example for a moment to make a point.  Ex: Someone praying to God for assistance--it is as if it is their last hope. If it is their last hope, they are likely coming from a place of fear/lack not love.     Another example: Much focus in recent years has been on creating financial abundance for self, (not a bad thing) but the focus should be on the highest good for all.  Often our focus on financial abundance is out of necessity, fear or lack; therefore, we tend to create more of those things than financial abundance.   Third,  look more closely at you with new eyes.  What are you holding onto that needs to be let go of?  This energy creates blocks/obstacles to what you are trying to create not to mention stagnation.  Put yourself to work on you!  Clear the clutter, the gunk the stress and frustration physically, mentally, emotionally and yes, even spiritually.  Finally, look at what you are choosing to create in your life and recognize the perspective you are in.  The perspective is we already have the love, the money, the health, the truth, the peace, etc that we need---we just simply need to remember it and access it. 

Over the last couple weeks, I have skimmed through Facebook and one after another I saw posts of sadness and loss, posts of angst over the last year and posts of trepidation as we enter into into another year (particularly the presidential inauguration this year); and interspersed here and there are posts of hope and anticipation.  I want to emphasize to you that at this time it would benefit you and all other beings to focus on hope and anticipation--this is is what is so needed now.   We are completely in charge of what we are creating.  Yes, we all are. And how do we create it, through frequency, thought and vibration. Come together with like minds to create the new earth from a place of love.

With Love, Light & Blessings,

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