Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Self Love Rising

Ahhh...can you feel it ?  The anticipation I mean...I was just finishing dinner this evening and I started to hear the song anticipation in my head. (Yes, voices in my head! lol)  Then I read a little blurb about the Full Moon and I thought to myself---all is I can go meditate under this full moon and sleep like a baby and wake up to a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tomorrow---sooo exciting!  Welcome to the New Earth, beings of Light!  Get ready, transformation is here!

The last few days information has been flooding in, fast and furious --I can barely keep up with how quickly energy is moving and pouring in truths in all directions of time and space.  Like how I threw that last line in there?  All directions of time and space?  Well, dear is the time of Timelines crashing into one another and the choices you make here and now will help you select the timeline potential most oriented to the goal you are striving for (read: mission you are here for) and most appropriate for the space you are in now.   (Read: the reclaiming of your power!)

This energy is chock full of walloping reality on all levels.  The relationship space is where it is holding its focus. Are you ready to have the love you claim you want? I say claim because people say they want love that is enveloping of all things that are glorious, but so many in this society stay stuck in what they have and forgo the glorious-ness of which they aspire to have.  (Perhaps believing this is all there is, this is how it is supposed to be or they see others struggling and they think they must too.  Sometimes it is just the fear of being alone that keeps people together.)   It isn't all their fault we have a society built on the misbelief that marriage/love is the way it is proposed to be by tv/movies; where people cheat/hurt/mistreat/belittle one another and ultimately, stay together, even after all of that.  Often people think, well he/she is not beating me so it isn't that bad.  And then, their are those people who are physically harmed by their significant other and they tell themselves, well that must be their moods/their norm or I must have done something wrong..  It isn't.  Not only is not acceptable, but it is a sign that humanity's self love needs to rise above what society/media has deemed acceptable. No one deserves to be mistreated for anything!

That is what this Eclipse season will bring to you, the opportunity for your Self-Love to rise to an all time high, by way of highlighting what doesn't work for you, particularly in relationships.  It is all about the truth--how/who/what YOU want to experience.  Truths are surfacing rapidly and it will be difficult for you to hold back and disconnect from the truth. It isn't by accident that after a powerful equinox energy, of birthing a new life, that we must go through the labor pains so to speak. That is what October is all about, the labor pains to birth the new.  This month will prove it difficult to not be your authentic self...well, I consider that to be a perfect world.  It may frustrate you, disturb others and it may even appear to be difficult, but what it really is doing is getting to the bottom of it. (read: getting through the ick rather quickly)  Loving yourself is always the key! I've been teaching falling in love with yourself since Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael began working with me in 2001.  They were bringing into my awareness that all the work I did on me was great, but there was more to go.  Falling in love with yourself is more than just putting on a clothes and looking at your physical body and loving what you see. (again our society has trapped us to believe that the exterior
physical structure is more important than any other aspect).  Falling in love with you means you love yourself, realize that you are the only one that is the source of your happiness. You must love all of you--the good, the bad and the not so pretty: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically. If you allow it, this month will show you where you fall short on the process of raising your self love. In case you are wondering, that is in terms of speaking your truth, making healthy choices, empowering yourself, raising your self-esteem, discovering who you are and loving you above all else.   Again, I say if you allow it (this month to do the work that it is meant to do) and not bury your head in the sand  and go into denial; you will achieve leaps and bounds in your ascension journey.  Are you ready? I know I most certainly am and I am looking forward to the ride!

This Mercury Retrograde is something spectacular--it moved in subtly for some and like a lion for others.  For me, I will tell you, usually Mercury Retrogrades make me feel like I am in molasses or moving backwards at best.  This one...I feel like I am in Star Trek, "Ward Speed Ahead"  Boy that warp speed is more than a physical speed, it is  like a time loop too.. Hmmm...isn't it though? Last week, I was walking and had the first smell of autumn air and for a few moments, I was literally transported back to my childhood home in the backyard on an autumn day when I was 8 years old sitting outside on a swing my Dad built.  It was like I was the little girl again and then I blinked and I was walking on a sidewalk in Guilford. Imagine that beautiful moment.   I talked to a couple of friends about this and they too had a similar experience.  It is like time is contracting/compressing upon us, creating opportunities for us to grow.  I was 8 years old in that vision and at that age I had known certain things about my life: why I was here, what I came to do and who I was to find.  It feels as if the last 34 didn't happen (and yet they did) and  I am picking up where I left off with that same knowledge.  Pay attention to this Mercury Retrograde, what/who is it bringing back?  So far it has brought back the little 8 year old girl that is me and some dreams of ex-boyfriends with messages for me that are pertinent to life at this time.

There is nothing to fear at this time, other than fear itself. It is the fear that holds you back, it is the fear that creates pain and it is the fear that keeps you trapped.  Acknowledge what is shown to you during this time, face it and overcome the fear so that you can move along on your journey to self love and ascension.

In love, light and faith,

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