Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year's Message from the Masters of Light

A New Year's Message from the Masters of Light

Hello Everyone,

This is EstaRa. Thank you for your continued love and support throughout the year. I was prompted by my guides to send this message out universally for the new year. There are those of you who wish to receive my channelings, but are not on my list currently to receive channelings. If you wish to receive them, please do one of the following: go to my website to sing up for them or at the bottom of this email you can change your email preferences to include channeled messages. Thank you for taking the time to read and now onto the channel.
Love and light,

Channeled through EstaRa on 1/2/2012 in Guilford, CT.

Greetings Children of the Earth,

It is now the time of magic upon your earth. Your earth calendars now say that it is the month of January in 2012. We say to you …it is now. We wish to emphasize to you that the now moment is what you have been waiting for and we wish to say to you that it is now. We wish you to know that now is the only time that exists on your new earth. Not the tomorrow, not later not even earlier…the only time that truly exists is now that is the present moment. The present moment is what you have control over that is what you are given as a time for creating. You are a creator for that is how you will create what is coming your way . It is the time you must take to make all possible. It is now. We tell you this for the energy of 2012 will show you much and one of the things it shall show you is that if you grasp to the concept of time you will find you have none; however, if you stay in the now moment you will find that you complete and do everything that you have chosen to do in that time. As the concept of time shifts for the entire planet you will see how that will impact each individual. We are giving you this information so that you know what to do and be prepared for those around you. They may be the one who grasp to the concept of time for they will think that is the security blanket that they have been holding onto for so long; however, it is not and will not act as if. Instead it will create more of a shortage of time. However, if you stay within the moment you will have all that you need if you stay in the moment. So again we say to you…it is now.

This period of enlightenment you are in (EstaRa had us correct the word time as we were about to use that to explain the following, instead she suggested we use the world enlightenment) will extend throughout your calendars in your 2012 year and beyond; however, your greatest changes will begin to manifest in this calendar year that you call 2012. (We give you this information in time words as that is what you understand at this time.) The greatest opportunities are available for you now in this energy of change. It is upon you…what will you do with them? How do you wish to see things ? Will you be proactive in the changes of the earth and humanity? Or will you sit back watch wait for someone to come save you? Dear ones, you are the ones! You are the light, you are now awakened you have the power within you to change everything you have the are truly the ones you have been waiting for ….you have been waiting for the big reveal. The big reveal is that you are the magic, you are the light and you are the creators. Is that not a revelation to you? We think it is a big reveal; however, there are those of you who were perhaps expecting more of fireworks display and more of a musical entrance perhaps? Is that not so? Does it not seem like it is magic when you have your power? It is the truuuuuuuuuuuuuuth of it all. It is thhhhhhhhhe magic of it all. (My guides typed out truth and the in that way and was asked to leave it that way for this channel.)

With this knowledge and information we wish for you to go forth and teach, live and be in that moment. Know that you are the creators with every thought and emotion that you have. Yes, some of you get stuck and some of you are stuck…those of you that are stuck it is simply because you have chosen not to clear somethings that have been your blocks within you. It is time to clear the blocks within you within you. The work is less now, but it still requires your choice. We ask you to choose now to remove the old and truly step into who you are now. You are the creators of your world. How do you wish to create and what do you wish to create?

It is with love honor and respect that we bring you this message today. We are the Masters of Light. Namaste.

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