Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: Ending of Relationships

I was reading again and this book has been such a great read and great reminder of things. The book is called: Emmanuel's Book Compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton. (By the way this book was written back in 1985) I highly recommend this to be a great read for you. Much of what you read will be stuff you already know and feel, but it is a helpful reminder to help you through these times of change and transition.

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed people waking up and making huge changes with their life. I also have noticed many people struggling and resisting what they are feeling especially in terms of their relationships. Our society teaches if you get married that you should stay together no matter what. I know I was raised to believe that once you get married, it is supposed to last forever; but a few years back I wrote (channeled an article called Relationships: Our Road Map on our Soul's Journey) and it put everything into perspective for me. If you want to read that article it is located at my blog: . I was reading a passage in the book that really resonated with me regarding relationships and the article I had written a few years ago. This information is simply a rediscovery of our soul knowledge. Recently, I have had many people coming in for guidance about their relationships and my guides suggest that now is the time to share this information again.

Now, I would like to preface this "excerpt" with the following: a divorce is not for everyone at this time; however, there are some of you trying to understand why you or your spouse may be filing for divorce or strongly contemplating it. Remember, we are not just physical beings we are spiritual beings with spiritual lessons to be learned on this physical plane. Emmanuel's Book Excerpt:

"Why are so many marriages ending in divorce? It is because people have accelerated their growth processes. Souls come together, not to remain together in physical contact, but to grow. When this has taken place the gifts have been given and the lessons have been learned. So don't you agree that it's time to move on? All things are in order, Do not be alarmed by change. Things are speeding up not to leap into the pit of destruction, but to come to that plateau of understanding that you are seeking."

"What can I do a concerning my deteriorating marriage? Let it deteriorate. Marriage is another word for relationship and when a relationship no longer serves, if you have scraped the bottom of the barrel to find the meaning, to find the lessons, to find the essence of why you have come together, and this has not brought forth what you are seeking, what more can you possibly do? If there is no true wedding it matters very little how you close it. Can you not let this go with your love and your blessings so the next time you meet this soul again there will be more compatibility, more compassion, more understanding? For you will meet again."

In love and light,

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