Thursday, December 29, 2011

Channel: Arrival of the Love Train

Arcturian Masters of Light channeled on 12/28/2011 through EstaRa in Guilford, CT.

Dear children of the Earth,

It is your time to rise up and stand for what it is you truly believe. We know some of you do not think you even know what it is that you believe any more as so much is and has changed. We wish to tell you that you are correct in wondering what it is that you believe. We tell you to look in your heart for your answers for your answers are not outside of yourself they are deep within the core of who you are. Your essence dear ones is pure divine love and we wish you to know that once you acknowledge that you will know what is and is not your truths. That is the place we wish for you to look for your beliefs and we say they may change upon looking more closely.

The universe has brought you many lessons over the last six years has it not? The universe has shown you who you are? Did you see? Were you able to be still enough to see? Were you able to be love enough to know? You are all that you experienced in the last six years, the good, the bad….we say it is all the same there is no judgment only humans make judgments as to what is good and bad. We say to the humans to look at your experiences as just that experiences. There is no good and bad. …each experience is simply a way for you to reach the next point in your life upon earth. Many of the experiences over the last six years were opportunities given to you to wake up prior to 11.11.11. Those of you who did not wake up prior to 11.11.11 we say to you get ready for a crash course into multidimensional living. Put your seatbelts on for your about to take a ride on the “love train”. The “love train” is the fast moving energy of love that sweeps you along with the rest of humanity who has awakened to love being the energy of the future. You will be swept into the future and find that you need to find your footing in this new energy because you have spent a large amount of time clinging or holding onto the old way of doing things. There is some energy that you will need to unlearn.

Those of you who did wake up prior to 11.11.11, how are you liking the love train are you seeing things more clearly ? Seeing things through the eyes of love? Is the energy of love bringing to you what you have waited for?

11.11.11 was the arrival of the love train and it has left the station and carrying on it a great deal of amazing changes some that can be perceived as good or as bad, but we again say to you have no judgments for they are simply changes. These changes will bring about a new consciousness for humanity one that you have been waiting and hoping for. It is now possible.

You will find the more you stay in the balance of the “NOW” moment that EstaRa talks about the easier it will be to access the energy of love. It is only when there are expectations that you leave the place of balance. (I, EstaRa told them that it is easier said than done) We do realize for you humans it is easier said than done, but it is possible. We caution each of you to not give up before you get started.

(Unfortunately, I was ready to channel all day, but my clients kept coming in for their appointments and I never finished this channel. I am hoping to continue again tomorrow, but in the meantime, I am told it is best to get this information out and not hold onto it. I hope that you receive the full beauty of this message as it is meant to be received.)

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today. We are the Masters of Light.

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