Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 2: The Quest to Stay in Faith

It is day two of my quest to stay in the faith of it all; that is the faith of my reunion of the My reunion with my twinflame is the one thing I have been manifesting since I was 5. Age 5, you say? You wonder how that is possible. Well, I will tell you. When I was a five year old little girl, I had many memories from my past lives. Here are just a few: I actually remembered incarnating as a horse, living and dying in the Holocaust and having the knowledge that I was born too late. God Bless my parents for having a child like me back in the 70's. I look at the children today and I see how difficult it can be for them, but them I think back to just how difficult it was for me at times, hence the being sick all the time as a child. The good news for children today is that they have more open opportunities around them and parents are much more open. But I digress, back to my experience as a little girl at five years old. When I was five years old and really throughout my childhood, I would tell everyone that I was born too late. People would ask me if my birthday was in April since my parents named me April; and I would tell them no I was born in March because I couldn't wait to get here. I knew that my twin had come back to Earth before me. I knew that he would be older than me. Hence he is older than me. I was so sure that this lifetime was it. I remember a few years ago when I was working on one of my clients I saw a lot of her past lives come up during our healing session and it was connected to her throat chakra and her need to express herself. I told her what I saw when I was working on her. She asked me if I ever did a between lives reading the time between lives. I told her no and she said she had and didn't like what she saw and wondered why she came back. I immediately said to her, "I have no idea why I came back." In that moment, I was pulled out of this dimension into another where I was in a spiral of energy (it felt like I was gone at least and hour, but it was only a moment) where I was shown why I came back to be with him, my twinflame. I was told in that moment of time that the reason I came back was to be with him that this is the lifetime we would finally reunite with each other. I will end here now today with the following: I knew the moment I heard his voice that he was the one...

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