Thursday, January 12, 2012

Channel: Rediscovery of Your True Self

Channeled through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on January 12, 2012.

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is time. It is time for you to step out of the boundaries of your mind and step into the openness of your hearts. It is time to make the magic that you so long have waited to make. You are just beginning to see the fruit of your work. The time is now for your soul to open wide and take over the very nature you have been living and transform your world to one of love, beauty and magic.

Today is a day like no other. The very magic of who you are can be tapped into and once tapped it will stay with you permanently. What do you wish to do with this bit of information? Do you wish to shy away from what is truly yours or do you wish to go fully forward into the dreams you have so cherished for so long? We say to you that you have a choice just as you do each and every day of your life to make the magic happen in your life that you have so wished. Now you are given that day to make what you will with it. Let today 1.12.12 be known as the beginning of the new you. It is the opportunity for you to step into what you must in order for you to go forward and see that beginning at the end of this month you will have more sure footing. Right now we ask you to choose that which you so desire. The energies are on your side for transformation and change. You have the opportunity for the greatest transformation in your life now. Contemplate it if you must, but make a choice to see your desires and dreams manifest.

Hibernate has been the message for EstaRa in the last weeks and she has obeyed somewhat. Although her human self has gotten in the way of her hibernation, but we give her great honor for she is taking the steps to hibernate so that at month’s end she can come out fully to who she is in her new space. Is it not interesting that the divine timing for EstaRa’s new entrance into her new place be at the time that humanity has the opportunity for a new entrance into self? EstaRa’s life is symbolically where the path of humanity lies. Hibernate we say hibernate, contemplate and activate yourselves for service in this world. Service we wish to tell you is not what humanity has long held as service rather it is love. Love is a service, did you not know? Love is everything and by stepping into your heart and being love you are stepping into your dreams and making love in this world. Love is the energy with which you must go forward. You serve greater humanity dear ones through your gift of love. Did you know how powerful love can be? Did you know love is by far the most high vibrational magic? Love of yourself expands out to love of one another and again expands out to love of humanity which in turn expands out to the love of Earth herself: that dear ones is how you change the world in which you live. Be not afraid of the next steps you must take for they are easier than you think. They are more cherished by us than you know those steps you take. They are more magnificent than you can imagine at this moment, but one day you will know we assure you that you will look back upon this time as the great rediscovery. Rediscovery of your heart and your capacity to love, it is the rediscovery of your true self. It is that simple dear ones it is that simple.

We often share with EstaRa that she must trust and have faith for the magic is within her; through her trust and faith she creates magic. The power for your world is no longer money nor ego, the power is love and with that; know that love is what will change your very world. The power of love comes from trust and faith in the infinite love that is granted to you by just simply being.
Many lightworkers have been through trying times and experiences; now dear ones is the time to step into that light you have been working so hard to shine in the dark places and know that you are gifted with everything you need within you. You are in the times of living the truth of who you are. You are where you are meant to be at this moment.
We love you dear children of the earth, we love to see how you grow and evolve. We respect your presence on earth for from here we see your light and we see how difficult it has been to stay the light in the darkened times upon earth. We honor the mission each of you has come to earth to experience and know that you are each doing what you came to do in divine and perfect order. You are the light of the world…you will change the very world that you live with your light and love. We ask you to step into this now moment with truth, courage, faith and love.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today. We are the Masters of Light.

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