Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: The Path You Have Chosen

I have something to share with you from my reading. Yes, I am reading again. I have made a decision to honor my spirit by allowing myself some time to read a little. I was prompted to grab hold of book that was lying around in my house. The book is by Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment. It is a Pleiadian channeled book; however, at the end of the passage my guides have stepped in added some too. Blessings for a new day!

The passage that I wish to share today is knowledge that I have shared quite often with my clients, students and even during readings that I have given, but the words here are much more potent…

”Every aspect of existence is interwoven and connected through a complex network of consciousness. Before you immerse yourself into 3-D living, you have the ability to preview the parameters of earthly life, to oversee the aspects of your own plan, purpose and intent within a specific climate of consciousness. You choose the moment and the time of your birth, as well as your genealogical bloodline, which is rich with an ancestral encoding of perceptions based on many lessons in living. In the here and now, you forget your plans in order to play your version of the game of life more effectively. You immerse yourself in your identity and become fully engaged in the process of exploring and experiencing the path you have chosen. The course of your life is a significant and purposeful journey that continuously confronts and stimulates you to develop your abilities. You actually learn about the nature of existence as you learn how to operate your biological form.”

What does this mean for all of you? It means you have chosen this path in your life. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are the exact age, in the exact time, in the exact place and in the exact circumstances to assist to wake up to the power that you are. Remember your reasons. There is no more doubting and no more rethinking, second guessing or feeling sorry for yourself---it is the time now for you to be who you are truly meant to be. From above, “In the here and now, you forget your plans in order to play your version of the game of life more effectively.” It simply means, remember you chose the experiences that you have to feed your soul and make you a stronger human to assist humanity at this time to transition to a higher consciousness. It is now dear ones. It is now.

It is easy to say someone else can do it. It is easy to look at your long journey to this point and think I don’t want to or I am too tired; however, dear ones this is your job—the job you have come to earth to perform. Step into it now. Invite those around you in your life to see from your perspective—you can’t change all of them, but you can share your perspective and see if perhaps someone is there that wants to come along with you. Today, simply say out loud: I am (enter your name). I am love. I am light. I am peace. I am one with all that is. And watch how your day transforms. We are the Masters of Light.

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