Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 8: Our Meeting

So I woke up this morning with the only thought and vision in my mind was of the night I met my twinflame. The night we physically met in person because as you know I met him online. I met him one year and four months after I was talking to him nearly every day several times a day. Hours at a time. Sometimes we would "come home" to each other after a long day. We would start talking on the phone 7:30/8:00 p.m. at night and talk until the wee hours of the morning. It was like having met my other half (okay, so I did! I just didn't really acknowledge that at first because really how weird was it from a human perspective to have feelings for someone you met online and let alone never met or saw a picture of? Yes, I can be a normal human too---even if I am and have always been blessed with a higher perspective.) I remember when he first developed feelings for me and admitted them...it was six months after talking daily. I was still holding back because I was afraid to really let him in because I had recently been hurt in a relationship.

Anyway, I digress I don't want to talk about year before meeting I just wanted to share what was in my heart this morning when I woke up. We had never exchanged pictures. My reasons for not sending pictures were because he wouldn't send one to me. I also was afraid he wouldn't like me. We had never talked about superficial stuff like what do you like about someone and what do you want in someone; ya know, the stuff that most people focus on instead our conversations were incredibly about everything in life...his work, my work, our experiences...like I said he was my other half and someone that I couldn't imagine my life without to be honest. By the way, I am a psychic ya know and I could see things. I was so connected to this man that I could see him even before I met him. I knew what he looked like....he was gorgeous in my mind. I would even tease him and tell him what I thought he was wearing...like a blue suit and blue shirt. He once asked are you here in my office with me? I just was so connected to him that I could astrally travel to see him.

Anyway, this morning I had this vision and reminder, if you will, of the night that I met my twinflame in person. I saw the casino. I have not been back to the casino since we met that night. I saw the vision as I walked into the casino on the phone with one of my friends telling her how nervous I was. Walking down the hall of the casino on the way to the Native American statue in the center court, I saw him before he saw me. I saw him walk over to the phone. I said to my friend if the phone rings in the next 30 seconds it is him. It rang and it was him. I saw that this morning...it reminds me of his courage and strength to meet me. I was so proud of him because I knew how nervous he was. Just as much as I was, but with all his phone calls on his way to the casino suggesting he turn around and go back; I was less nervous than him.

As I type this, I am hearing my guides say hold onto the faith...the faith in him. The faith in his ability to step into the powerful, courageous being of light that he is...I love you, my twinflame....not hat he is reading this in human form, but on a spiritual level he hears my heart as I hear his.

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