Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Within You

This morning's snippet has evolved into becoming a conversation with me and my guides. Open your hearts dear ones they say as you read this, for everything you need to know is here and highlighted for you.

When I woke up this morning I felt a great deal of frustration and realized it was not mine alone. Some was my twinflames as he is getting "hammered" by the energy to make a change in his life and the truth is that he knows he needs to, but he fears what others will think because some of the changes that need to happen are drastic and dramatic. He is also afraid of taking that step in fear that the sidewalk ends. These are some of the same fears that others are experiencing with the "hammering" energy prevalent on the planet. The hammer is being dropped on what it is that no longer serves you. Things will get more difficult at first gradually and then more intense. Everyone is experiencing it on some level. Those of us that have been working hard at clearing away what no longer serves us; and I do mean working because, boy it has been a challenge at times for the last several years, we are getting a bit of a breather if you will. Thank goodness. Now when I say breather by no means am I getting a breather from other people's stuff. Hence why I woke with this feeling of overwhelm by everyone choosing to dump their stuff whether it is directly on me or others; whether that is their intention or not it happens. Those of us that are sensitives are experiencing it more.

My guides prompted me this morning to sit with the energy and understand it a little better. They told me that I already knew what I needed to do. I sat with it and heard the answers from within me. I heard what I needed to take care of for me. In those answers what I needed to take care of me would be ultimately helping better take care of others themselves. I bring this up today because it is the truth. We do know what to do. We have all the answers inside of us....quite often we choose not to see them. I used to believe that it wasn't simply not always on someone's radar, but now I know differently. Everything is out there for revealing--everything. And in this energetic time of change and transformation, EVERYTHING IS RIGHT INSIDE for us to see. Perhaps we have sought answers from other people, perhaps we have sought prayers from other people, but the truth remains the one person that needs your prayers and your thoughts is you!!! Yes, perhaps, we have been getting subtle external messages about what needs to be done, but now the universe is bringing them to the forefront of our minds as things that need to change---this is only happening (the hammering I speak of ) as a reflection of what is transpiring inside of us; so ultimately, you are bringing it on. Do not blame others, do not fault others, you are the one in this because you are still choosing this. No choice, you say? No decision you make is a choice. What do you do? You wonder. You can continue to ask others for help or ask their advice but the truth remains you must do the work. You already have the answers within you as to what to do next. My guides ask you to answer the following: What are you waiting for? Is it fear? Is there a way to avoid the truth inside of you? Is getting the same answers from everyone really benefitting you if you do not do something with that information? What is your reason for keeping things the same? What is your reason for not choosing love? You have no excuses is the only reason to choose anything in this world. Love is.

Be at peace,

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