Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: When You Know You Are Done

Today's message came to me while I was lying in bed. It is about when you know you are done it is not out of anger or fear that you decide (though that may have been your motivation for discovering you are done), but it is out of love. You accept that the next step on your journey is to let go and move on. In doing so you are expressing not only love for yourself, but love for the other person too. I asked my guides for clarity and it evolved to another conversation with them so to speak:

When you decided to come to earth (every time you have chosen to experience a lifetime), you gathered together with the major souls who were going to be part of your journey (the main characters if you will) and agreed to assist one another on their path. The plan was set into motion and would evolve by the choices one makes on their journey (of course there is free will). It was agreed that there would be a reason to come together and there would come a time to part for the lessons have been learned. All parties agree. (EstaRa asked what about the children? How could their lessons have been learned?) The children have chosen the particular family based on the lessons that those people within that family have chosen to experience. The agreements were created to assist each soul on their process of ascension.

The earth has always been a school. A school where each soul gets the opportunity to learn what they wish. (It is almost like when you can select what classes you wish to experience in your educational system instead you are selecting what experiences you wish to have.) The experiences are the lessons. They have always been the experiences to bring you back to God---the process of Ascension. Sometimes the lessons come immediately by being born and raised in the family and sometimes those lessons are learned if and when the family is apart. There is so much value in your journey and on your path. Living life on earth has so much to offer.

Things have changed dear ones. The time has come for you to know that agreements have been upheld and the lessons are here for you to learn (Some of you have already learned what is necessary.). However, there was an expiration date for the agreements. Not something you can imagine, can you? The expiration date is this year, the year of 2012. Agreements started to become null and void after October 28, 2011. What does that mean for you? It simply means you are done with your agreements and you have carried out your plan marvelously, but now is the time to choose what you will do with that knowledge. You have followed the rules of the school so well and easily forgotten that you are the one in control and you are the one in power. You have remained powerless often due to the agreements you had made and to the belief systems you so willingly accepted. Now, it is time to take back your power. The only thing holding you back dear ones, is you.

The agreements expired. Again, what does that mean? It means you can freely move about the planet. (We hope you like that line, EstaRa loves that tag line from one of her favorite airline commercials.) It means you no longer are tied to situations, people, places or things like you were in the past. The only thing holding you in that stagnant place is you. You have a choice now to truly follow your heart. It is time to become aware of the gift you have within you. All roads are open, which path do you choose? One that you pave by way of seeing your power and magic or one that you follow because it appears to be the most accepted? The turmoil on your planet has more to do with your own inner turmoil than it does with anything outside of yourselves. If you find peace within you find peace without.

EstaRa once wrote an article that shared the following...."Everyone wants peace on earth, but how in a world that does not know peace within is that possible? The key to world peace is to for each individual to find peace within themself for only then can they know what world peace is." EstaRa's wake up mission was to turn on the lights. She was given her mission.."Promoting HOPE (Healing Our Planet Earth) one person at a time through turning on the lights. You are the lights dear ones. You are the lights. This is the final year of this mission for EstaRa because as she has ascended and evolved so too has her mission. She will have succeeded in turning on the lights of those she meets. She does it simply by being. Your job dear ones is, now that EstaRa has assisted you in turning them on, to keep them on. EstaRa offers many ways for you to keep them turned on by way of her writing, her classes and her BE-ing, but the ultimate responsibility now lies within you. We bid you a day of magic, a day of knowing and a day of discovering when you know you are done. For in that moment, in that awakened moment of knowing you have completed that agreement, all things become possible even humanly from a place of love.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today. Namaste. The Masters of Light.

Be love,

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