Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Next 30-60 Day Journey

Hello my beautiful soul friends,

Most of you know that I have met my twinflame and most of you know that my journey with my twin has not always been easy. I know I have promised to write more about my twin so that I could help all of you and help me. Unfortunately, time has moved so swiftly that I barely have finished blogging my trip to Egypt..I still have a couple more to upload, but for now I am going to deal with this issue of Twinflames. I apologize for leaving you all out on my adventures for 2011, but so much happened and I was not attached nearly to my electronic item known as a laptop. I traveled to Hawaii, Michigan twice and Sedona...that was all after my trip to Egypt. I don't know what is in store for me this year, but I am sure something magnificent, perhaps finally the full reunion of my twinflame in the physical plane. Full Reunion for all twinflames in the physical plane....that is my one anticipation---it is all happening now.

As you all know I have met my twinsoul in the 3D sense almost 7 years ago (it will be 7 years in June that we met) and while we are not together in the physical sense of 3D as of yet, it is surely on its way to manifestation..there is no time, no place....it simply is now time.

(As a side note, I have been told that the time is now since June of 2008--just sayin!) But I do believe the time is now as we can't leave 2012 without it all happening now.

There is so much more I can write and plan to write about my twin, but today time is of the essence (as I have clients soon) so I will just share what the next 30-60 days of my life will be. I have been getting the message clearly to trust and have faith--I even dreamed recently that I was moving boxes...one labeled trust and the other labeled faith--that is how much the message is getting hammered into me. Yes, I am psychic and do amazing readings for people (so I am told); however, when it comes to this twin thing oy I have doubted. I have had enough doubt to fill a superbowl stadium over the last several years about my twinflame and who he is and if I am crazy. Many of you will think I am crazy and many of you do think I am crazy; however, it is what it is. As the Universe made loud and clear to me on my trip to Hawaii when I saw this sign staring me in my face....

So a remedy for this is to write about my twinflame and stay in the love, trust and faith of it and the love, trust and faith of him and his soul's journey as it is bringing him right to me. My guides said it is time now to stop doubting as we are manifesting what we think quite rapidly. So, I have made a commitment to myself that over the next 30-60 days I will honor the twinflame relationship that I have in some way. My goal is to share more about my twin relationship and experiences so that you can all witness my journey and help me to eliminate doubt from my vocabulary. It has been entirely too difficult to do it alone so I am recruiting you all to help me stay the path of allowing, trusting and having faith. I am told by my guides that each day I must blog something about twinflames, my twin relationship or something about love to boost up my faith quotient ...the time is now to hang on tight to my dreams they say as they are manifesting....and I am seeing glimpses which is more than I have seen in some time.

"So for those of you wondering...what is a twinflame: Twin Flames are the two people whose souls are really one. It's generally believed that both members of this couple must be spiritually evolved to finally meet and come together as a permanent couple." This is a quote from a website I do not know as I closed the page before I got the name so I apologize, but it is a great way to explain twinflames for now. There are more of my blog posts already entered that discuss twinflames. For now....I am in faith.

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