Thursday, September 8, 2011

Waiting in the King Hotel

Here we are in the lobby of the King Hotel--waiting for the "Nasty Train" to arrive. And waiting. And waiting. The plane people look so refreshed and our group, the sleeper train people, don't look so bad either. The nasty train people, well you know we won't know for some time. It sounds like there is no ETA on their arrival.

The plan is that when they arrive, we will have one hour to get together and do our last scheduled optional tour of the Old Cairo and the Citadel. Unfortunately, I just found out some bad news that only two other people want to do Alexandria and we won't be going. I am so disappointed, but that tells me that I will be heading back to Egypt again. I have to say that I am really disappointed because now I would have gone on the hot air balloon ride. Oh well--I'm in Egypt...seriously, can I really be disappointed? hahaha

Being back in Cairo is so different than the rest of the places we went to. It is so metropolitan and crazy --don't like it so much.

Saw our room and just so you know the King Hotel is not the name I would have given it. It is not likely to house Kings--not so clean once again. But still better than that hotel in Aswan. We have our last group gathering tonight and not everyone is doing the city tour. I hope I make it to the group gathering since I haven't recently been to the last two.

They are here--the nasty train peeps arrived. They don't look so bad apparently the right people traveled on that train knowing they could still find some sleep. There trip took a lot longer because they had some train trouble and were stopped for some time.

Okay, got to run--well walk to the bus for our journey to the Coptic Church.


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