Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 12: The Quest to Keep the Faith Continues

Morning has broken and the sun is rising beautiful here in Guilford, CT. I have been watching the sun rise for weeks from my beautiful picture window in my living room from my Chaise it. The sky is orange all a glow. I have been watching the sun rise for weeks and well this morning it is so speaking to me. Quite literally, this morning I see not only rays of light, but heart shaped rays of love coming my way. I would love to capture it on camera, I tried it doesn't work so you will have to imagine. It speaks to me of love and new beginnings. It speaks to me of hope for the new earth we are creating and it speaks to me about the love I feel from my twinflame.

I may not be physically with him, but I am most definitely with Etar (his highest self's name). I taught my energy group last night and I was surrounded by love from my family of light, but also by my star family. Etar was here with me and taught alongside me (energetically of course). When I went to bed last night, I felt his presence as I drifted off to sleep. I felt so safe and comforted. It gave me this beautiful morning to wake up to. I feel full faith today on the faith-o-meter. It is magical beyond magic. It is love beyond love today. It is faith, hope, trust and love wrapped all in this blanket of the sun's rays.

That is all for now...I must prepare for a children's class I am offering today....wish me luck...
Today, the sun is speaking to me. It is telling me that as it rises so too does new hope. Hope for the planet, hope for the evolution of love and hope for the twinflames to reunite. As I look

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