Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 14: End of January

It's the end of January and I am on my quest to keep the faith about me and my twin flame. It has been two full weeks and well to be honest, I know I haven't been doing too well. My guides want me to step it up a notch and be in the love!! Be in the Love.

So last night I was on the phone with one of my friends and I was sharing all these funny stories of me and my twin. I was thinking about just how much I love him. I mean I really wonder sometimes why? Not why I love him--he is completely and utterly loveable---it is quite magnificent really. (Not sure he would agree with that interpretation yet. I say yet because someday soon he will agree he is loveable, magnificent and deserves to be happy. By the way, his lack of agreeing that he is loveable, magnificent and deserving of happiness lends to why we are not together as of yet.) I wonder how I could love someone so much who isn't with, who hasn't shared his love with me, who hasn't shared his life with me; and yet, I love everything about him. How is that possible one would ask? I mean everything--even the quirky annoying things, even his bad behavior--I love him. Until I met him and until I had all these truly bizarre experiences over the last several years, I didn't know what unconditional love was. I thank you, my beloved twinflame, for teaching me unconditional love.

Did he teach me unconditional love by loving me unconditionally? NO that definitely was not how. He taught me by being who he is at every moment of every day--the good, the bad (sometimes really painful) and the indifferent behavior and parts of himself--I realized that no matter what I truly love this man. It was really a surprising revelation to me. That is pure and true unconditional love. So I went to bed last night with happy thoughts of his head...I love his head...he has a beautiful heart and his face is so full of light. (he doesn't even know and unfortunately, those around him probably haven't really noticed either.) But I do and did....I love his head. (so much so that I can't stop looking at him) :)

I woke up this morning with Raphael nearby along with a few other angels that joined me last night. I asked for a message for my day and they told me to go and pick a card and the card I picked out was New Romance (Angel Messages Deck by Doreen Virtue) and the card was "New romance is imminent - either with a newcomer, or through reignited passion in your existing relationship. Be open to giving and receiving love." I love it! I know it is about me and my twinflame...I feel it today. (By the way, they told me to pick a card because sometimes I negate what I hear simply because I worry it is what I want to hear!)

I am so glad that the month is ending, it is time to usher in new energy in February. I feel anticipation of what is to come. I feel excited today like all good things are happening.

I will leave you on this final note a message from my angels for my people on facebook...Today's Message from the angels is have faith and patience for what you are asking for is on its way to you. This time period is more a testament of believing in oneself versus having to wait for what you want. You are almost there, don't give up before it happens. (I know not always easy words to hear, but if we stay in patience and faith then the outcome is very near, but when we waver it gets further away...trust me I know! Trust me, that is why I am blogging each day about the love I feel for my twinflame. I love you my dear man. I love you. I have faith in you and believe in us.

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