Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 13: 1111 or 111 is All About Me and My Twinflame

Good Morning World,

My guides have been telling me to hibernate so the whole month of January that is just what I have been doing until yesterday. I spent the day doing readings at a holistic fair. (It is the first fair I have done in a year and quite honestly, I do believe it is my last!) I am such a multidimensional being that being contained in 3D was really hard for me yesterday---and it was more like overstimulation for me in a room with 50-100 people (it felt like a 1000 with all the energy bodies I saw walking around in addition to the human physical bodies).

Anyway, onto my twinflame quest to keep the faith. I like that..because some days it certainly feels like a quest and other days well it is so easy to feel faith in us. I did want to write yesterday, but as I mentioned above not feeling well so I came home and went to bed instead. So I wanted to write about something that I have noticed in the last three weeks really. Now, I know many of you see the phenomenon of 111 or 1111. I used to see it a lot many years ago and throughout the years I would see it too, but other numbers always seemed to stand out for me. Well in the last three weeks of this new year, I see it everyday, but not just once...I see it at 11:11 a.m. and p.m. and 1:11 a.m. and p.m. and then I have 11 mails, 111 mails, 11 phone calls. It is amazing. Not one day has gone by that I have not seen it. Now, globally 11 used to symbolize was like the universal number that says wake up, wake up. I totally understood that and that is why so many people have been seeing it throughout the years. It is the universal wake up call.

However, for me I was told a few months back right before 11:11 that 11 is the number of twinflames. It certainly is for me. The frequency with which I have been seeing it has increased within the last year. The message is that it is happening. Sometimes I wonder if I am seeing it for him too. I mean often I see things in his life through his eyes. He shows me what he is doing by sending images to me. Is he conscious of it? I don't know. Sometimes I think he hasn't a clue and other times, I know he must. He knows I can feel him and he knows I can sense things with him and well this past year he has been waking up ...really waking up for a change and the beautiful thing is that the Angels will not let him fall asleep...they keep poking and prodding him to move along and do what needs to be done, has he done it? I have not talked to him in just over two weeks now so I can't humanly answer it, but I can tell you from a spirit standpoint he is doing something and one of these days I will know because he will show up on my doorstep to prove it to me.

So for me I believe 1111 or 111 or 11 is all about me and my twinflame. It is a reminder to me to stay in faith for it is all happening now. For the first in the nearly 7 years that I have known him, I really do feel it is all happening now. I will let 11 remind me and I welcome that number to come my way for in those moments I know that I love him and that he loves me. I also know it means that it means stay in the faith for it will manifest now.

Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy don't worry if you are thinking that....believe me I do understand. If I was reading all this, I would be thinking the same. As for me today at this moment (I say at this moment, because I can only speak for in this moment because it can fluctuate at any moment.) in this moment, I believe in him and our love....I believe he is nearing the ready. I feel like he is a race horse coming to the gate almost ready to bust out and chasing rabbits...chasing his dreams perhaps...chasing his dreams to me.

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