Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 3: Allowing Yourself to Believe in the Impossible

Good Morning World, are you out there?

I hope someone is out there witnessing parts of my journey. I am so grateful and I feel so blessed from last year's experiences that on New Year's day as I always do I make a list of what I want to manifest for the year ahead and beyond. This year was so different for me. I truly only had one thing that I wished to manifest and that is the reunion of me and my twinflame in the physical 3D permanently. I felt such deep gratitude for the previous year. I honestly haven't been able to share with you all the magic with which transpired over the past year because so much happened and so quickly that I just couldn't keep up on my blog.

Last year 2011 was one of the most incredible years I had in terms of impossibilities becoming possible. I mean really when I think about all the magnificient things that I allowed in last year (notice I said allowed? The reality is that we are the only ones who allow or prevent things from truly manifesting in our life--we are the captain of our ship--and no not sailing anywhere just yet.) I allowed so much into my life because I was in the faith that everything is possible. I am still in that faith. I surround myself with people in that faith--not to say that I am 24 x7 in that faith believe me I have my moments too..just ask my friends. Hence why I am on my mission to stay in the faith of it all...a direct assignment from my guides and you will be living this assignment with me if you wish to follow along. The truth is that the only thing in my life that I feel doubt about from time to time is my twinflame reunion. The thing is that since I have met him I saw our future and it has not happened as of yet. However, the problem or snag in it all is just that it hasn't happened yet. Notice I emphasize yet because I am guided to say that and feel that is most appropriate to say. I still believe I will be with him. Right now I am "allowing" the universe to bring to me my reunion. It is time now I know that, I feel that and I believe that.

This morning when I woke up I was visited by beloved Saint Germain and he shared the following message with me to share with everyone..."Believe in the impossible! Humans often focus their energy and attention on things being impossible; if they only knew what makes things impossible is the way they are thinking. Today look at everything in your world and believe it is possible. Watch how quickly you transform your life and the world around you."

So today in my life I will hold moment to moment my belief in the impossible (the reunion of my twinflame) as humanly it sometimes appears as if it could never happen. But I am told it will so I stay in faith and believe.

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