Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moldavite, Metorites & Mission in Michigan

Channeled Message about my mission in Traverse City, MI.  Message channeled through EstaRa on Sunday, May 21, 2012 in Traverse City, MI.

Dear EstaRa,  

We are with you every step of this journey.  You are not alone and you have been guided every step of the way.  There is much that you are doing without realizing it in your waking hours.  Your journey began before you arrived in Michigan.  You are bringing and anchoring muliti-dimensional light into each area you have been which creates a portal of healing and love energy.   The light that is being transmitted through you will have a positive impact on the places you have been.  As you anchor your light, you are able to unlock codes and keys within the earth that have been locked for some time.  You have been able to replace old energy with new energy.  There will be many changes occurring on planet earth in short time dear one and you will then understand why our mission has been as such.

Your work yesterday was in a sacred geometric pattern in how you walked from place to place.  You began to connect with nature for the grounding that was necessary for you to carry on your work in that day.  It is imperative dear one for you to realize that while it may have seemed like you had fun and laughed, each step that you walked you carried the essence of love and light and anchored it in the locations that were necessary.   You created triangles of life in the ways in which you walked carrying the vibration of triangles and pyramids within you.   It is the work that you did that will assist the beings that inhabit the earth in this area to wake up fully to who they are if they so choose.  Your energy is providing them with the choice to move forward into the fifth dimensional earth or remain in the third dimensional energy.  It is always the choice of each individual on a higher level to determine where they will place their energy. You have provided a sacred space for those that choose to awaken to be the carriers of vibration for assistance to others.  Of the people you have met on your path and spoke with yesterday, you transmitted codes of light that were keys into their awakening.   It was a necessary component to their journey.  You have long before you incarnated this time have made these agreements.

Your journey to the sacred labyrinth was to unlock the energy of the land there.  It has been weighted down and you have assisted the family who lived there by planting your energy of love and light.  The laughter that you brought will carry into the people who live on that land.

The most healing of your journey was at the bay where many gather.  While you may think it was the most healing for your bodies, it was the most sacred work you had done yesterday.  Remember dear one we tell you that by just Be-ing you are working.  Your BE-ing provides a great deal of healing to a location in that space particularly you anchored many codes and unlocked many keys.  You opened the energy portals to transmit the energy of healing, light, love, awakening, transition, movement and strength.  You truly are the light of the world and you pave way for much transformation to take place.  It was a necessary part of your journey. 

Was I being blocked from being here on Friday? 
Yes as that was not your mission.  Your mission was to anchor the light along your path through the state of Michigan.  As you stopped for your hugging of trees, you have transmitted energy to the place that as people step there they will take with them the necessary codes of awakening and transformation that they will become carriers of that vibration even if they are unaware they will carry the vibration and deposit it each step of their way.  Your mission involves the depositing of vibration and transfer of love and light codes for others to access as necessary.  It is an honor for those to be in your presence for they receive the most potent light and love from you even when you think nothing has transpired.  

We will close with your mission continues, but we have planned a route of fun on this trip and that is a necessary component to your journey EstaRa.  You will have assisted your student well in your teachings to be light.

May I ask one last question? 

What was with the crystal Moldavite and the Meteorite I held?  I have never had that reaction before.
Dear one, you got to taste a piece of your home.  It opened gateways for you to reach high above the earth and allowed you to be the starseed that you are you became starbound the opposite of your daily life being earthbound as the ground crew for the stars.  Dear one, your home is amongst the stars and we allowed you to have a taste of home.  Did it not make you light?  Did it not make you feel free?  Did it not allow you to float beyond all time and space?  Did it not make you feel joy?  Did it not make you know the difference?
It is with love honor and respect that we bring you this message today.  We will continue to guide you on this journey. In short time, dear one, you will know….

We are the Galactic Council of light. 

Who are you? We are made up of theAndromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Sirians, Antarans.  Our mission is to assist Earth in her ascension by way of assisting the beings that traverse her planet.  And so it is.

(As an aside, my experience with moldavite and the meteorite was an incredible travel through the stars--it took me several hours to become grounded in my body for this was a phenomenal experience.)

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