Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Philadelphia Mission Day 2: After Lunch to the Bank We Go

For lunch, we made our way over to the City Tavern where people gathered together to discuss politics, business and money in their time.  It was where most of the discussions took place over independence and the establishment of the new government.  We were guided to go here to have lunch and ground light.  As my guides made it clear to me, our job on Sunday was to anchor the light (energy) I spread the night before with the three of us.

While we were waiting for our food to come, we each got feelings, visions and sensations of the things that took place there.  The energy stays.  Our waiter at the end of the meal provided us with some history.  He told us that this is not the original building, but what we all felt was confirmed.  It doesn't matter that it was not the original building as it still held the energy of what transpired there.

When we finished up lunch, we made our way over to the First Bank.  We were guided to walk over to the bank and walk around the area bringing energy and settling on the front steps.  I laughed because everywhere we went there was just us and then others would be drawn over to where we were (I joked like moths to a flame---lol).

We did some energy healing there and connected with the banks and placed energy into the building and they headed out toward the Rose Garden...

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