Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Philadelphia Day 2: Merchant Exchange

Our next destination was onto the Merchant Exchange. (Now mind you, I have no idea what anything looks like since I didn't really look at the map or look anything up online (I didn't have time).  So we started walking and I got pulled to view this amazing was all cobblestone designed like a sunshine's rays coming out from this round magnificent building.   It was breathtaking and I look up and see these Lions on the building "protecting it".

I walked over to where I saw a sign and it read that it was Merchant Exchange. My inner compass guided us to exactly where we needed to go.  I kept getting pulled to look at the statue of the lion. It appeared alive.  It was very amazing. I could see the lion's energetic aura around it. My students and I connected with the lion and it was happy that we had come there.  

We were guided to walk over to the steps and sit on them.  As we approached the steps, one of my students  found a key (literally)  a key waiting there for her.  I feel like the key was something she was meant to find.  Meanwhile, one of my other students kept seeing "keys" everywhere she looked on the way down to Philadelphia.  Even the historic signs had a key on them.  A connection to what my guides said prior to my arrival in Philadelphia: that I hold the key codes necessary to unlock the area.  It all resonated for me.

I asked each of my students to connect with what they felt for the area to find out what it spoke to for each of them.  When I connected, I received the message that the merchant exchange (aka the first stock exchange) was set up to help businesses have the sufficient amount of money to get started and stay in business.  It seems that it wasn't supposed to become about making money and trading stocks.  The intent has gotten skewed because it was meant to be all about supporting one another.

I am sharing portions of our adventure because some of it is not meant to be posted....thank you for understanding, but there is some good stuff.  So keep reading...

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