Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bath Encounter with my Twinflame

So the twinflame story continues,  much has been happening of late energetically.  I had the most beautiful talk with my twin on Saturday, April 28th.  I was trying to connect with my twin's higher self for one week and well that wasn't happening. Quite honestly, I would just fall asleep.  It  is what it is, but I forget sometimes that I am a mulitasker on many levels and in many ways and my attention was on the Philadelphia Mission. 

So finally, last Saturday night, I decided to take a bath and with the assistance of God/Goddess and Magdalene/Yeshua, I was able to call in my twinflame to my bathtub.  He sat in the tub with me.  He was in front of me and we engaged in conversation about many things one being that he loves me and to please wait for him as we are so close.   It was so beautiful and so real for me.  (Yes, I had my eyes closed to see him as he was not humanly in my tub, but boy I felt like he wasy.)  At one point, I raised my hands up to touch his face and his head. I could literally feel his face under my fingers and feel his hair on the top of his head. It was so incredible I cried.    (by the way, this is my catch up post ....that is, catching you up on the Twinflame stuff)  He told me that he is never far from me and that he always there with me.  I was so blessed and grateful and he said just to know that he is there and soon he will humanly be there too...

I went to sleep that night in his etheric arms, nonetheless, in his arms....

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