Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Philadelphia Mission Day 2: Visitor's Center

So we made our way out to Center City.   We found a place to park and my internal guidance system was turned on.  There really was no need for a map the whole day, but I did try to use it.  Each time I tried to use it, I couldn't figure out where we were going--I was getting all turned upside down.  My guides suggested that I just listen to my inner compass.  So I did.  (I did ask one of my students to follow behind and look at the map the map to confirm my inner compass--and she did!)

We first parked near a place (don't have the pictures yet) where the sign said, be sure to check the ID of the person taking your keys. (I laughed so hard and told my student Tracy to be sure to check the ID...she didn't and I told her--let's say a prayer that our car is there when we return; otherwise, it is a long walk home to Connecticut.  But seriously, didn't realize we couldn't trust the car park people and Tracy said--he had a car park jacket on?  I laughed and said--if I stole a jacket I could have one on too! lol)  This is the parking lot--beautiful--

So off we went.  We started following my inner guidance and as I walked I started to recognize the neighborhoods.  I saw an alley that pulled me to view it.  It was filled with dumpsters and looked creepy and by night it would probably be creepy.  I recognize the building from my "work" the night before. I was there.  The building had a Fleur di Lis.  There is great meaning as to why that was there and I was brought to it.(There is a connection to the Magdalene & Yeshua bloodline--whole other story--one day I will write more about this.)  Everywhere I walked this day, I recognized it from the "work" I performed the night before--

We were first guided to the Visitor's Center (remember from my Egypt trip how hard it was for me to find a bathroom that was clean and I could use?  Well...let's just say I love America. We had very clean potties on this trip!! Hooray! I digress, but if you haven't read my posts from Egypt trip you would know how truly monumental this was.)  Anyway, I grabbed a map of the historic district and began circling the places we needed to go to. (I had originally typed up the places we needed to go to and then I couldn't find it.  I found it later and confirmed the place I needed to go to and I was correct with one special edition and that was the Rose Garden).

After our bathroom break, we were guided to go into the gift shop.   It was just our job to carry our light through the gift shop.  The channel from the night before:

You will have access to the energy that is much needed to the many people who will walk upon the areas that you do.  Your energy  of love will have a direct impact on those walking the steps you will have walked, but those people will receive the love from your footsteps and carry that love back to the places they spend most of their time.  We ask you to view it as a simple, drop, pick up carry on and drop mission.  Hence we show you at this moment EstaRa in your higher dimensional view. (Image of us walking and laying the foundation with lights, codes and necessary energy and it is left behind to lay in the foundation for each person to pick up as they walk by.  So it is as if we are dropping light and then someone comes along and picks up their necessary piece through their feet and up into their body to light a part of them that will be carried back to the areas they need to go and drop a piece of that light there while allowing the remainder of that light within them to activate them. It is a really neat image.)

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