Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mission: Philadelphia

It has been since Earth Day that I last wrote a post. I know much has transpired since I last wrote and at some point I plan to catch each of you up on that part of my life.  (I have been doing what is necessary to keep me balanced and feeling well. My back was really bad for a bit of time there, but now I am well on my way to recovery thanks to an amazing chiropractor and acupuncturist.  I feel so loved, cared for and safe.  To sit and write was not going to help my back since it required me to just be and relax. Anyway, onto today's blog.)

During my acupuncture session one day, I had a meeting of the minds so to speak with Ben Franklin and the original signers of the constitution of our United States (for those of us living in America) and it was enlightening to say the least. Each day thereafter, I was given bits of information on Philadelphia.  I must say even as the intuitive I am I ignored it a little because quite honestly, I am being guided to take my next trip to Michigan and that is in May so I thought Philadelphia can wait until June when I return from Michigan.  However, as I taught a workshop with my students, clarity began to come in and I shared with them what I knew to be true.  During that following week, I was awoken each night with a message about what needed to be done in Philadelphia and finally one night I woke up and channeled a bunch of information as to what needed to happen on our trip and when it needed to happen. I was up for hours trying to figure out the logistics.  I was told to let it go and allow.  The people called to go would go and it would work out.

I was guided to schedule the trip for May 5, 2012--the auscpicious date of the 5-5-5- Stargate Portal.  The energy is for clearing.  So here I am on my on May 6, 2012 writing to you.  I am in the hotel to finish up our work here in Philadelphia. It is quite amazing how the work seems to get done without any "work" being done. 

I was given information that we would be provided with what to do as we do it.  The first part of our journey was to leave really early in the morning (I don't usually sleep on these trips as I am working and more aware and conscious of the work I am doing in different dimensions).  Truthfully, today I woke up after 4 hours of "sleep" and feel completely unrested like I had only a half hour of sleep.  

Our first mission was to drive to a location picked by my guides as we were driving.  They said to get off the exit for Waterloo, NJ.  We got out and at the end of the turns we were guided to make was a "state park".  We were guided to do some work to connect with the water and the land there.  In addition, we connected with the Ramapough Lenape Tribe in Mahwah, NJ to assist them with their issues of the water there. It was a beautiful experience and a beautiful message channeled from my guides. (No, I didn't record it..I know I am disappointed too, but it was beautiful.) 

Then we headed here to Philadelphia.  So here we are on Mission: Philadelphia.

The mission: 
Go to Philadelphia (the historic district) to clear old Karma and release the original signers of the Constitution from their contract.    I have been given the Mission to “Sew together the threads of time” as I carry the vibration of the “Sacred Needle”.   It is necessary for a group  to gather and spread Sacred Geometry as we walk the path of the old, bringing in the energy of the new.
It is a women only trip for the reason that  the Divine Feminine Energy must be brought to this place to perform the work that is to be done.  Not negating male energy for this trip is meant to balance the “male energy” of the country’s forefathers. 

Onward we journey,  I will post the channel next blog...

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