Friday, May 11, 2012

Dream On

So on our drive home from Philadelphia, my friends and I sang...okay well I rocked it out whether they liked it or not--my spirit did! hahaha  I love singing when I am doing long car rides it is so refreshing and releasing to sing out the lyrics of all kinds of tunes. I mean we belted out some good ones together.  Then we were struggling to find a song I remembered singing when I was a child, do you all remember Glen Campbell?  Rhinestone Cowboy.  One of my favorites as a little girl.  Then it got me to thinking of another Glen Campbell song, "Country Boy" which led us to remember other artists from our childhood.

Then my twin flame's energy etherically whispered in my ear, what about the other song you would listen to over and over again and cry to?  I nearly forgot about that song.  I used to listen to it all the time and wore out my parent's 8 track (I know someone of you reading this will not remember what that is or even have the faintest idea of what that is, but bear with me) and then I transferred it to casette tape and wore that out too! My twin whispered to me, that song was from me.  OMG--it felt so right and made so much sense now because in case you didn't know my twin is 15 years older than me.  Here are the lyrics, but below that is the video.

Lay your head down on my shoulder
I won't let the night get colder
I'll protect you, I'll be keepin'
Trouble far from where you're sleepin'.

Until you wake in the mornin'
You've got the world to yourself.

Dream on
Dream about the world we're gonna live in one fine day
Dream on
Spent the night in heaven I'll be here to light your way.
Someday tomorrow we'll smile
But little girl in the meanwhile
Dream on.

You're a princess chains around you
I'm a hero who just found you
'Til a brand new day must wake you
Let imagination take you

Go where the music is playing
I'll be along in awhile.

It is okay if you cry too...I cry now, but with tears of happiness and is amazing to is so comforting to know he was with me all those times as a child...I always felt him since I was 7.  If you remember,  I have always known that I have come back to be with him since I was 5.  I just knew I was "born too late" that he was already here before me.  I think I have spent my life looking for him (heck I know I have spent my life looking for him).  Anyway, this song came out when I was 7 and I listened to it over and over again all through my early 20's (till I killed the tape with my over listening).  Anyway, it just affirms for me that he was with me all this time and I feel so blessed.

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