Friday, May 11, 2012

Phiadelphia Mission Day 2: Independence Hall

We made our way over to the Liberty Bell.   We had to go through security which took forever or at least it seemed as such.  Our job was to stand around the liberty bell in a triangle and send energy to it.  The message I received was that the energy we sent into the liberty would radiate outward to each person as they walked by and viewed it.  It would send out the energy necessary to activate each individual.  After that we made our way over to Independence Hall.

Mind you, when we arrived at the Visitor's Center, we had to pick a tour and get tickets (no it didn't cost anything, but they made us get a ticket for the tour).  We are not able to tour this building on our own.  They were really adamant that we had to arrive 15 minutes early before our scheduled tour.  So, we made our way over and had to go through security again.    Interestingly, we made it just in time to get to a tour right before the scheduled one we had tickets for; and lo and behold, the tour guide had the same name as my twin flame. Really?  Big Surprise!  Not!.    It made us all laugh.  My twin definitely made his presence made known even if he was not there in person. Our "tour guide" asked us where we were all from?  People announced different countries and different parts of our country.  I announced that we were the delegates from New England--one from CT, RI and MA.  Too funny.

We made our way over to the building and saw the Supreme Court room first.  It was really powerful to be in there and I reminded everyone to call in who they needed to assist them.  It was preparation for the  and the guidance we received was to call in the signers and prepare them for our connection to them in the Signing Room.

We were brought into the Signing Room.  When we were in there each of us was to connect with the signers of the Constitution and see them actively signing the constitution and do the work. We did this individually while the "tour was going on".  As we connected, each of us experienced our things with connection.  When I connected with each signer, I was able to get pulled back in time and see what it was like when all the men gathered in this room. As each member of this delegation sat down to sign this document, I visualized what they were feeling and what their vision was. It was as if time stood still while this happened because I know on human time I wasn't there too long, but in spirit time I felt I was back in time for so long.  

Each signer felt such a release and relief.  It was incredible the connection we had.  When we left the building, I was exhausted at this point....ready to collapse.  And I did on the bench for a few...

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