Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Love of Self

I was prompted by my guides to share a message that I started to write back in early May and I never did send it out.  It has been sitting here for sometime and my guides think that you are ready to hear it so I am sharing it with you was originally part of my Today's Message on Facebook:

Today's Message: Let your feelings be your guide.  Listen carefully by letting yourself feel moment to moment whatever it is you are feeling for the feelings are your inner guidance system and will only lead you to opportunities to proclaim your love of self.

I was up this morning at about 3 a.m. I am really going through lots of emotions and healing at this moment especially with regard to my twinflame. I feel some of my resistance is because I fear I am leaving my twin behind; in many ways: spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Yet, I also know on some level that he is never really behind me --he is always there right beside me. (As I write that I realize I really don't allow myself to feel the pain as much as I need to---because I have always had this gift of seeing both sides--sometimes I think it is a curse of being a Pisces--I always used to say that the symbol of Pisces: two fish in opposite directions was because we were so indecisive, but the truth is that we see both sides and it isn't always easy to choose which one is "right" in terms of what others think.  As I type this, I get such clarity that the "right" way is what brings us closer to the love of self.  (Take that as a lesson that the right way for anything and everything is the way in which brings us closer to self love...what a beautiful lesson!)

The prompting of sharing this with all of you is due to the time we are in.  We have seven more days left in the Venus Transit Energy and then we move on to the Summer Solstice Energy which in and of itself brings in a great deal of change to our Earth and its inhabitants. It is time to harness the Venus Transit Energy for our love of self.   We often think of Venus in terms of Romantic Love, but dear ones it is simply about love of self.  It is time to harness the Venus Transit Energy before it goes away; the effects of Venus Transit will be long and lingering, but the bulk of the energy is in this time now.  Take advantage of it and proclaim your self love by feeling what you need to and letting it go for good.

My wish for you today is to proclaim your self love, feel your feelings and move forward on your path.

Love to you,

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