Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Roses, Butterflies and a Twinflame Message too

I was laying on the bench in the Rose Garden in Philadelphia.  I loved the roses and the sweet smell of the white ones in particular.  This whole journey to Philadelphia (as you may know if you have been reading along in the blog), my wonderful twinflame was with me all the time.  The whole time his energy made it clear that he was here with me.  He talked to me for the majority of the journey and even helped me to places I was going. 

When I was in the Rose Garden, I saw this butterfly fly way above and over me.  I said I think it is an orange butterfly.  (In a dream a few weeks ago, my twinflame told me he would send me orange butterflies.)  Then I said to my twin can you bring one closer to me and his energy said no, but I can do this.  The next thing I knew several butterflies were flying overhead.  I loved it.  He said he loved me and wants to shower me with roses.  His energy said he hoped I knew just how much he loved me and how close we are to coming together. I felt him and loved every moment and didn't want it to end.

The amazing thing is that everywhere we went this day there was an example of love.  A couple sneaking a kiss in the "Merchant Exchange" building, another couple intimately talking near the bank, a couple just got engaged in the rose garden and then we saw a wedding. I feel like I was not only surrounded by my twinflame, but was surrounded by love and seeing all those signs showed me how close I am to having just that the love I have been wanting to have with my twinflame. 

Thank you my twinflame for the love you showed me on Sunday,

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  1. Beautiful! I love all of your blogs from the trip. Love and Light to you!