Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get Back in Your Body

After the bath encounter with my twinflame, he has started to call me again, but much more consistently and repeatedly.  It makes me realize that he too feels me as much as I feel him. It is quite incredible really. So, this past week, I have felt him so close by me.  I have had many messages from friends confirming my twinflame's love and presence for me.

I feel him so empowered and so ready to emerge.  Then on Wednesday, I was experiencing the feeling of it being soon (our human physical reunion).  Then I had  been given a message that we would merge and that the 5-5-5 Stargate was going to be very meaningful for me and my twinflame.  I was told that I need to just "be"--really hard to do when you are a guide, teacher, healer and nurturer for a living (but as I type this today--I want to tell you I GET IT!!).  I started to carry on my day just as I normally would, well on Thursday during the day I felt energy running through my body all day. I kept feeling out of body and ungrounded all day long.  It was like I couldn't stay in it.  I clearly felt my twinflame in my presence the whole time.   I kept thinking "Get Back in Your Body".

I was about to teach a class and I grounded one last time thinking okay...I am in and the class started and once again I was out of body. I asked my guides to assist me for the class, but I was really not in my body.  After class ended, I walked myself to my bed and laid there for about 20-30 minutes and felt energy running through me. It was like waves of heat running through each one of my body parts. It was very much like sexual energy running through me.  Then I got up, ate my dinner (thinking that would ground me some more because I still had a client) talked with my client and was ready to collapse again.  I went to bed really early because I could not keep my eyes open.  That night, I felt my twinflame with me the whole night. It was the most amazing experience ever, but I had no other recollection and that began my sleepless nights--I was awake all night as energy was being downloaded into my body.

When I woke up the energy was still running through me. My face had changed, I was hot all day and waves of heat ran through me and my face looked red (still does).  I felt like the Merge I was told would happen on 5-5-5 already began.  I remember looking in the mirror on Friday and saying I look different. I feel like my body has completely upgraded and changed. (Amazing!!)   I feel like my twin was with me the whole time too going through it as well...

Then again I was being upgraded all night on Friday night and had to be up to leave for my Philadelphia trip on Saturday ...was up at 4 (again less than 4 hours of sleep) continues...

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