Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Philadelphia Mission Day 2: Roses & Rejuvenation

Earlier in the day, I was guided to circle this on the map of places we must go to and this was one of them.  The time was right to head to the Rose Garden.  When we got there, I told each person to stop and smell the roses. I literally smelled each rose type as I walked by.  They smelled more beautiful than I even thought. We separated and I went to lay on a bench to give my body a rest (because my back is still in recovery).  I just lay there and I started to get messages about why we were there.

My guides channeled to me as everyone walked around: "We thank you all for the work you have done thus far.  This journey to this sweet smelling rose garden is our gift to you.  There is no work for you to do here.  It is for you to recharge, rejuvenate and clear for the final mission to Independence Hall."   I was so grateful to receive the message.  And just laid back and rested for awhile longer.  (Then, I got a beautiful message from my twinflame...check out the post entitled "Roses, Butterflies and a Twinflame Message too".

I gathered everyone over and shared with them the message from my guides.  We spread a little love in this garden....chalked "Spread love" and "hearts" along our path this day.  Our final task, was laid before us to go to Independence Hall to release the founding fathers of the constitution and to balance the "masculine energy" there with our "feminine energy".

 It was truly amazing.    We made our way over to the Liberty Bell first.

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