Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!!

Channeled Message from The Masters of Light through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on Sunday, April 22, 2012. Happy Earth Day Everyone! I know many of you are disappointed that the weather is a bit glum looking out at least here in CT. I spend a good chunk of the afternoon outside with my friends as I channeled live and connected to Earth yesterday. It was a marvelous day yesterday. I am in the process of manifesting beautiful weather on this day for a workhsop I am teaching this afternoon (the plan is to be outside in honor of the Earth). I ask that each of you today think of one way in which you can honor the earth everyday going forward and I suggest that it be a way in which you may have only thought of and not done or have not yet thought of. Every little step you make to assist the healing of the earth will make her ascension that much more smoothly because remember what you do with you impacts her and what we do to help her impacts us. Love from EstaRa A little message from my guides... " Dear ones, everyday is your Earth Day. The earth is nurturing as your mother in that she carries you, feeds you and provides with all that is necessary for your physical incarnation. We ask that you show her love, honor and respect everyday for the gifts she provides you. Let today be the moment you shift and recognize the gifts from the earth and what is necessary to assist her in full ascension. We love, honor and respect each of you on your journey and thank you in caring for your planet." --The Masters of Light.

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