Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

Still at the Temple of Edfu, I had finished my work with walking the light lines of sacred geometry. I carried light with each step and love with each sound out of my mouth. Now, it was as if time slowed down and I have the opportunity to do additional work that was not part of the P's plan. It was work that I came to Egypt to personally do. As I may have mentioned, (and yes, I know I did)this is the Temple of Divine Marriage. The marriage of Hathor and Horus. Here is a wall painting of the two of them seated.
Hathor is the Goddess that has something on her head. (I have to say that it is only now that I realize, she too, has come to visit me in a meditation. I want to say that she is the one who visited me right before I discovered that the love I felt with this man was a twinflame love, but I was really in denial at that time--no not the river...yes a lame joke I know. I didn't hear her speak to me because it was several years ago now, but when I think back right this moment, I feel as though she came to bless me and prepare me for my twinflame reunion. hmmm having said that...there is a lot more that is making sense to me now which will develop as time goes on and you will know because I am likely to share it with you.)

So, as I walked back out to the courtyard, I asked for permission from Hathor and Horus to ground the energies of twinflame love (my soul group specifically). As I felt permission, I grounded all of us (our twin group) into the light of this temple of divine marriage. I called each and every one of them and their twins by name to this place (including me and my twin) and placed the reunions in this high frequency (the highest frequency of love that there was in Egypt). It was so powerful I felt it through me.)
I got up and walked away (leaving behind my shawl not realizing I had and it was cold so I needed it, but I didn't feel anything. And Izabel was trying to get my attention and shouted my name, but I didn't hear her which I found out later because I was so deep in the energy that I was unaware of what was happening humanly around me.)

Then, I walked over to the other side of this courtyard and sat at another column. This time, I asked Goddess Hathor to help me to clarify if who I believe is my twinflame is really my twin.. .(Okay, the reason I asked is like many "twins" I still am human and doubt because in the human 3D we are not together, yet! . By the way, twins in this capacity means twinflames not biological people who have a twin of themselves and were born on this earthly plane together at the same time from the same parent. I still doubted because I wanted to make sure I am not delusional. hahaha It is nearly 6 years since I met him in the physical (and one tell I will tell you how, but it may be in a book and you will have to buy it! hahaha) and some days it feels like an eternity and others it feels just like yesterday.) Anyway, I digress again. I felt very compelled to use this energy of the divine feminine and masculine to clarify my truth. I figured I helped the temple frequency ground and activate so I felt they could help me too. If there was ever a place in Egypt where I would get this clarity and truth it would be here and now. I was prepared for whatever truth should come forward. I have to admit I was a little scared because what if I was delusional? hahaha Now, I would know and I wouldn't be able to doubt it.

So, I closed my eyes and connected with the high frequency of Hathor and asked for a clear message that this person is my beloved twin flame. I specified a visible message not just anything. I opened my eyes and there was the most perfect feather you can imagine right in front of me. Now there was all kinds of muddied stuff around my feet and nothing like that there until I opened my eyes like a fresh feather floated in to greet me. (This is the feather; however, it is a little battered now from my travels and almost thought I lost it, but found it when I arrived home. When I first got home, I thought maybe I didn't see this feather, but I did because here it is as I had found it unpacking my stuff.)
I being me said, "Really? A feather? I can get those at home!" But, I did pick it up as you can see. I wasn't sure that this was in fact the sign. I mean it was a sign, but the sign? So I decided to finish being a tourist, I decided to walk outside to find a bathroom (wishing I would have such luck as to find a clean bathroom) and ran into Izabel with my shawl telling me she was trying to find me. Then I saw Carole who was willing to search for the potty with me. We asked someone to show us and they told us where to walk to. I felt extremely hesitant because it was behind the temple and the guards had machine guns as I am sure I mentioned previously. If I haven't that was the regular thing. So, we decide we would walk on the outside of the Temple of Edfu as Solara An Ra said she would do. As we started to walk, there were numerous stones all around kind of like when someone has a garden and they place rocks in it to keep out the weeds or just to make it look pretty? That is how the outside back of the temple was, minus the garden. hahaha
As I walked around there were a ton of rocks and stones all around the outside of the building and thinking maybe I should take one home. I mean it is the Temple of Divine Marriage afterall (I love rocks and collect them but really? I may go over the weight on my luggage so I say to myself if you are meant to have one it will jump out at you.) I'm doing my final walk around the outside of the building and I notice a rock in the pile that jumps out at me. I reached for it and find that it is a perfect half of a stone.
I feel that is half of the whole and I am one half and "he", my twin, is the other half. This represents twinflames that broke off at creation to experience things differently. (short version of twins!). I took the rock as you can tell and it is mostly quartz. I find comfort and a little smile as I walk back to the bus. I develop one of those grins that "my twin" has when he can't contain that he is so excited. It is one of the cutest looks he has and makes. I just love it--one of the many things I adore about him.

Anyway, I make my way back to the bus and the crazy market doesn't even seem to bother me and I hardly notice it as I am walking high as a kite on this feeling of confirmation. Beginning to believe my guides and the energies of this place think I am a tough case asking over and over again if he is, in fact, the one I think he is and they always come through with numerous signs and messages. (By the way, the over and over again has been over the last several years so this was kind of the big final for me!) And, they did if that were enough...

I made my way back onto the bus and go to reach into my backpack to grab my bottle of water and look for my kleenex back for tissue to go to the bathroom. And, I heard something coming from my bag...I found that my i-phone was playing a song. (I find that my i-phone randomly plays songs without my doing. I mean it could be sitting on my desk at work and all of a sudden it will start playing. It is often a way the universe gives me a message, my angels, my guides, my family and even my twin use it to bring me a message.) The song playing was "How Deep Is Your Love" by the BeeGee's (don't laugh too hard, that it is the BeeGee's, well you can laugh, but it is something special for me and my twin). I mean a couple of summer's ago I heard this song and really "heard" the words and I just started singing it to his energy all the time. And, I would wake up in the middle of the night hearing the song in my room (no music on, no tv or radio just his energy bringing it to me). It was at the part of "we belong to you and me...I believe in you..." Oh here is the song and lyrics. I started to cry tears of happiness. I couldn't believe it. I really got my answer from this magical place. I got three very clear signs. I couldn't believe it! I will never question again if he is or is not my twinflame...I know he is for sure now. It was an amazing experience and day...and hey the day is not over yet....


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