Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Q&A: Can Sending Love to Your Twinflame Repel Them?

I recently received a question from a youtube viewer about twinflames, and I felt this would bear helpful information for everyone. 

Part One of the Question:

Do You think by focusing on always sending them (our twinflames) Love everyday that that's a form of control of fear of losing that connection? Sometimes I think, even consciously doing those things are still in some ways repelling them from drawing near? 
To answer your question about sending love to our twins everyday, I truly feel it depends on what your intent is.   Is your intent to keep them connected to you because you haven't had a strong connection recently?  Is your intent to influence your twinflame in some way?  Is your intent to try to hold that connection because you are afraid of losing them? Is your intent to manifest the union? If you answered yes to any of those questions above then yes, there is a form of control and fear in there. This needs to be re-evaluated and perhaps step away from "sending love" until the intention becomes purely unconditional.  The repelling, in this instance, will come from the pressure of conditional love that your twin will feel subconsciously.  
Is your intent pure of heart to simply surround them in unconditional love because you feel love in your heart?   Is your intent knowing they are struggling and you wish to surround them with unconditional love?   If you answered yes to one of these questions, then your intentions are pure. 

I wish to ask you not to jump to quickly to answer those questions, these questions require some serious introspection into you and your motives, beliefs, emotions and understanding.  Albeit, we wish to be pure intention of love, but sometimes there is an underlying fear that may manipulate us into thinking we are doing one thing when underneath a different intent is there because of our own journey of healing; we may have unintended subconscious intentions without realizing it if we don't allow ourselves to step back and see where it is we are coming from. 

Remember in energy, intention is everything.  If it has a controlling component it will most certainly repel our beloved twinflame because they will not feel the love, they will feel the control, get scared and "run" for lack of a better way of saying it.  

 Part Two of the Question:

We all let  (I believe this person meant to say "met") our Twins when our High Selves/Self orchestrated the encounter but, also, we weren't consciously aware and were in the receptive mode because we had no expectations in that moment and that is when the Universe conspired for that encounter to take place in the physical.  

I completely agree with you, as my Guides (the Arcturian Masters of Light and the Archangels) always say, everything is in divine and perfect order.  When we met our twinflames, it was because our energies aligned perfectly at that moment in time; and for many of us we were not looking, simply just trusting our journey.   However, it doesn't mean that now that we are awakened (awakened to the twinflame journey and have more understanding of it), we do nothing. Instead, I believe it means we work really hard at raising our vibration, clearing our personal barriers that we have put up to receiving love, really work at removing distractions. We have many reasons to distract-society has created various ways in which to distract ourselves; and some appear for good cause too.  The utmost important work we are given on this journey is to uphold and maintain faith with regard to the truth within us.

A side note about my journey with my twinflame regarding sending love.   I spend a few hours in the the morning on me, healing, journaling, crying, writing, stretching, walking, meditating, being in nature. I also spend about an hour in the even on me too. With the work I do, that amount of time is necessary for me.  Within all the time I just mentioned, the most I give to my twin journey in a given day is about 15 minutes, and directly sending love to my twin--1-3 minutes.  I do go into my heart everyday several times a day.  It feels really good to just sit in my own heart and sometimes, more often than not, my twin is there and he is holding my hand while I am sitting on a bench with him.  My intention of going into my heart is not always to connect with my twinflame, it is to keep me in that connection of my heart.

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