Monday, February 21, 2011

Temple of the Crocodiles Rituals

The Temple at Kom Ombo--the Temple of the Crocodiles. What an amazing experience! This is the entrance into the temple. The sky was so beautifully bright blue and the clouds were amazing and wispy; yet I was cold again! (Layer your clothes when you travel to will appreciate this knowledge for later.)

So what I learned is that this temple was erected for the God Sobek--a man depicted with a crocodile head. This temple is so well preserved. Here is a picture of the God Sobek

Our tour guides took us around to see some of the amazing preserved parts of this temple along with some amazing depictions that I will talk about a little later, but first I need to tell you my experience.

So when we were "set free" to roam about the temple, we had about 35-40 minutes to explore on our own and to do a connection. Our mission was to find a place that we felt pulled to sit and connect with energy. I was walking through this one area that I didn't want to leave, but I have to say that it was a strong pull for me to stand and lean up against the temple pictures, but the truth be known I was cold. I opted to keep searching for another spot trusting I will be able to connect somewhere else. So I kept walking for a few minutes until I felt pulled to another area and thankfully it was right in the sun. It apparently pulled a few of us over to it because after I finished my connection there were at least 4 -5 other people from our group around there.
I was pulled to sit down on a stone and leaned up against it so it looked like I was resting. (Not meditating because remember people are no longer allowed to meditate at the temples--it was a new law that was put into place.)

I found it quite comfortable to sit there while the sun poured down over me. It seemed as if the wind stopped blowing just for the time I was in meditation. I closed my eyes as I sat there; allowing myself to breathe and brought my focus inward. Then all of a sudden, I connected with the energy of Kom Ombo and a movie began to play in my head. I mean it was like I was really watching a movie of what used to occur at Kom Ombo during ancient times. The next thing I knew was that I am watching as Priests and Priestesses beginning to arrive by raft along the bank of the Nile. They didn't stop to "dock" at the bank; instead they continued onward toward land. There was an opening under the temple a sort of passageway that they rafted into. (By the way, humanly now there is nothing physically at this temple resembling anything that looks like an opening for them to raft into.) As they rafted in it was night time. The moon was full in the sky and the only they had was the moon light and stakes with fire on the ends. Under the temple, the priests and priestesses gathered around for it is an initiation ceremony. The new members are required to partake in a ritual to overcome their fear and earn respect and protection from the Gods. Where they gathered there were three chambers with crocodiles swimming in them. As part of the initiation, the initiate had to to reach down and scoop up water from the chamber where the crocodile swam. They had to drink from the water of the crocodiles. Then it was gone--the vision disappeared. It came so quickly and then left...was it real? Was this my imagination? Truthfully, it felt like it was a scene from an old Sherlock Holmes movies I had seen years ago.

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