Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Island of Philae: Temple of Isis

Today was another early start to the day. Had to be downstairs in hotel lobby by 7:00 a.m. We were heading out to the Isle of Philae and want to be there upon opening. The earlier the better that way we could get semi-private access. Now, today is the day of initiation into the Isis Frequency...what that means is the vibration of Isis is still there on the grounds of the Temple. The vibration is the frequency...Imagine that ? Tapping into the Ancient power of the Goddess of Life, she was the most powerful Goddess in Ancient times and her energy is there for us.

This is the day that we were originally guided to bring a white outfit for. But remember we all already wore the white outfit at the Great Pyramid? Yes, it was time again to put on that familiar white outfit with a little sand and camel smell. A little touch of the desert...
Here we are in the morning on the motorboat over. The day is beginning to look beautiful. On our way to the motorboat, we have to make our way through the market where the men came toward us again and started to "sell" their items. This is the first day that someone offered our group "camels for me". Yes, that is they offered to purchase me for camels. Can you imagine that ? Being sold for a bunch of animals? And yes, I do know that has happened for many years especially in that part of the world, but not to me so that was a little weird.

Anyway, we make our way over to the Isle of Philae--the Nile looks amazing in the morning on our trip over. We can already tell that the temperature is much better down here in Aswan than up in is beginning to feel more like the desert feel that I imagined.

We get to the Island and have to go through security which is a couple of guards at the entrance of the complex. They had a security gate you know one of those things that beep when you have something in your bag that gets detected? You have to walk through that and you open your bag for them to go through. It took awhile for us to get through. Now, remember we are going to be Initiated which means we have a few extra things like white sage, crystals and the like. Crealo Raa brought a walking stick with him everywhere we went because quite frankly there is a lot of walking and climbing everywhere we have gone. Well, the security guards (or tourism police--I don't really know who is who. It is hard to differentiate since they all have machine guns strapped to their sides....seriously!) Well, I was in line behind Crealo Raa and we were held up there while they "investigated Cre". Apparently, the walking stick is a weapon as was the incense he was carrying. So, it took us awhile to get through security and in the end, they held his bags and his stick and incense too. Poor Cre, he must have felt so invaded.

We all gathered together in a circle near the beginning to the temple where it seemed enough out of the way of everyone else. We set up our altar in the center of the circle with crystals and Solara began to channel. We gathered together in a circle.
Our tour guide(Stepen Ra) came over to warn Solara that we have only ten minutes before the police will come over. The thing is that apparently in recent months it was determined that meditation was no longer allowed at the temples in Egypt. Big group gatherings were not allowed either. So quickly, Solara channeled to us what we are to do during this initiation. She had to work quickly because Stepen Ra made it clear that they were threatening to throw him into jail. (Our poor tour guides, probably had no idea what they were in for touring a bunch of lightworkers out to change the vibration of the earth and themselves! They were completely wonderful. They did so much for us by getting us access and protecting us while we did "our work". They got us access by the way--by paying off the guards and such for some extra time or to look the other way as we prayed and meditated. They always went above and beyond. If you ever go to Egypt, I recommend their tour company: Scarab Egypt Tours.)

As Solara begins the initiation, Armunkara places oil on my third eye and Solara stands next to me with the Isis necklace on my third eye and channels a beautiful sound to ground the energy into me and then Cre, places his hands on my shoulders to really ground me. I was the first initiate and there was an incredible amount of energy coming through me. Then Solara made her way around the circle initiated each one of us. We all had our eyes closed as we connected to this beautiful energy. When we opened our eyes, we were surrounded by guards and security. We were told we needed to leave the area so we departed quickly--not yet fully adjusted to this beautiful frequency. We were told by Stepen Ra that we needed to disperse and be in groups of no more than 3. We were all so "high" from the energy. We left our area and began to walk around the temple. It was completely amazing to see this height of the temple. Incredible pictures carved into stone.

The Isis Temple Complex was huge and this picture is of the entrance into the Isis Temple Building. (By the way, just so you know our initiation occurred on the grounds within the complex, but not within this building as it would have been too weird for the guards, but then again clearly what we did was too weird for the guards.)
So as we dispersed into little groups, I walked off with Jean and Carole. The building was so magical. Now, it was clear that we were all in white so we were very noticeable to all the guards--easy to locate us. (On the one hand we stuck out like a sore thumb, on the other hand we not only looked beautiful all in white, but it was easy for each of us to locate one another.) So we were being watched by the guards. Our tour guides said they would wait for us in the cafe area (which I never saw because time wise didn't have time to get over there.) because they needed to stay separate from us (we found out later that they received a pretty hefty fine for us gathering in a circle and "praying"...Prayer as you know from my previous blog at Saqqara is not allowed in the Temple. Ironic really...isn't a temple a place to come together to "worship"? Okay, just looked it up online, Temple is a place of worship consisting of an edifice for worship of a deity. Hmm...someone might want to inform the Egyptian Government that the law is contradictory, well perhaps that is part of the reason the uprising is occurring over there now? The laws don't make sense. I digressed again...

Now, I know that when a person is activated--their vibration becomes higher they become more beautiful--that is their energy becomes more beautiful. This is a side note, but one that is important to note for yourselves, but also to help you understand why it is that I experienced some of the stuff I did with men offering camels for me --it was not one time that happened, but many. Here is a brief lesson of what I know to be true about our energy. When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, our energy is electric and magnetic. There is no way to describe what the feeling is because it is an ethereal reality experience. However, people who are unawakened and awakened for that matter are attracted to it. The unawakened soul (someone not quite accepting the reality of their spirit in terms of a higher connection than 3D or not understanding what is happening to them energetically on the planet...that is a really bad description, but enough for you to get the point for this can be a whole other post and perhaps someday soon it will be) perceives this energy as sexual energy. So hence when someone is at a high vibration, the unawakened soul perceives it as sexual/sensual energy because that is the only "human way"(emotion) that comes close to connecting what they are feeling. Does it mean that highly vibrating give off sexual energy? No--but the energy they emit may be perceived that way. (We high vibrational beings give off sexual energy to the partners we choose..and to those partners it is not even a question as the magnetism between twins is incomparable.) So, my point is I was rocking a very high vibration after the Temple Initiation (and apparently the night before at the Perfume place. Who needs ylang, ylang? When you have it you have it I guess. )

There was this one man --tourism police perhaps. He followed me everywhere in this Temple. He followed me Carole and Jean. I didn't feel good about it. It was so overwhelming. No matter where we went he found me. Carole and Jean knew it was me he was following because they could tell. They felt bad for me. I tried to sit down near a pillar and there he and another man was. I walked around and felt like I was being followed...I was. It overwhelmed me so much. I didn't get to truly enjoy this magnificent temple. I finally broke down and cried. I felt like I wanted to escape, but there was no where for me to go. It was like a nightmare where you are being stalked, chased, followed and there is no way out...and literally, there wasn't...we were on an island and I had to wait for the group so I could leave.

Will end here....Look for The Island of Philae Part Two: The Escape...


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