Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walking the Lines of Sacred Geometry

At this temple, our job is to walk the light lines and activate the energies at this temple with the energies we were carrying over from Kom Ombo. We are encoded with light and by going to a place our very being activates the energies as does just being in our presence. That was even more heightened by the activation from Kom Ombo and light codes that poured in when we were there.
As I mentioned, when I enter through the gate to the other side looking toward the entrance of the temple, immediately my body was covered in goosebumps. It was so powerful because there was a long walk from the gate to the "portal doorway into the temple" which is this beautiful grand entrance.

As I crossed through this doorway, I knew exactly where I needed to walk and where I specifically needed to go. I walked in this doorway then I walked through the left side (near each column straight into the temple) all the way to the back of the building and then I walked all the way back through the right side (through the right side of the temple and near each column). Then I walked to a column on the left and brought light there and then crossed over to one on the right to do the same thing. Then I walked up the middle to the back where the altar room was and back out. It was like I was in a sacred geometry.
I drew a picture on paper showing what the pattern that I walked because I feel like it has some meaning, but then again. (I am not sure even as I am back I feel there is something to it, but I just don't know what the meaning may be.) This is the pattern. If anyone has thoughts, feelings or intuition about this, I'd love to hear.

All the while, I was singing "love, love, love all you need is love, love, love, love". It was amazing the words just came out of my mouth. I saw the others as I walked around, but we just looked at each other with knowing smiles. Then I walked through the main entrance to the temple passed the courtyard in the picture above. It was actually quite amazing..the energy of this place cannot be comprehended unless you were there--those goosebumps I felt walking in stayed with me the whole time. I did see all these orbs without the camera.

I heard as I walked toward the back again where the altar was, I heard very clearly, "Your work is done."

Now I had some time to relax as I felt what I had done already was the mission and I really felt like it was compulsory. I had no choice and now I could take more pictures and actually be a "tourist". But, then I found a group in the back of the building in a side room in the back left off to the side. Cre had paid off the guards to let us "pray". We performed a group meditation with Cre, Carole, Jean and a few others. We called light in and grounded our love and light energy into this time and space. How powerful! I felt like we went somewhere else, but it was only a mere few minutes that we had because then the guards came back to shoo us out of there.

So I went off on my own again, feeling the need to not be with anyone else, I left the group behind and had a little more time to wander around. It was like time had slowed down to give me the time I needed to explore this temple and grounds.

So as I walked, I felt Hathor and Horus so present and the energies of the masculine and feminine were so clearly in Edfu. No wonder they call this place the Temple of Divine Marriage. The union of the male and female, the union of the twinflames male Horus and female Hathor. The divine love runs throughout this place.

These are the ultimate twinflames I thought to myself...if anyone can help me on my journey with my twin and providing clarity it would be here at this place. So, again my work began, AGAIN...

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